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Fox News An Arm Of The GOP: Hannity Asks Bunning, “How Many (Votes) Short Are We?”

Reported by Ellen - March 5, 2010 -

Multi-millionaire Sean Hannity might be raking in the dough for himself but for those less fortunate who have lost their jobs and were facing a loss of unemployment benefits, well, tough s***. This week, Hannity has been applauding Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) for obstructing an extension of unemployment benefits. Bunning’s excuse is that the expenses are not paid for and he is using his antics to underscore his opposition to the ongoing growth in federal debt. Last night (3/4/10), Hannity hosted Bunning for a predictably fawning interview. But Hannity took it to new heights (or depths) when, near the end of the interview, he placed himself in the Senate’s Republican Conference and, after clucking over the lack of Republican support for Bunning’s position asked, “How many short are we?” (my emphasis). It’s also worth noting that while Hannity was slobbering over Bunning, he never noted how, in 2003, Bunning was perfectly willing to vote for an unemployment extension that was not paid for but also put out a glowing press release lauding the extension of unemployment benefits as “hopeful news for our most needy families in Kentucky.” Video after the jump.