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Bill O’Reilly Didn’t Get A “Heart On?!”

Reported by Priscilla - March 4, 2010 -

If you’re looking for family hour soft core, look no further than Bill O’Reilly’s “The Factor.” In the context of discussing how sexual imagery is a threat to our society, Bill's show provides some bodacious bootay as visual aids. Sometimes, such as when he bestowed his “patriot” award on bikini clad Sports Illustrated models, there’s no context at all. But, occasionally, as in his “Culture Warrior” segment about a PETA ad which utilized some “B&D” imagery, Bill “warns” his viewers to send the kids out of the room. When it comes to scantily clad/nude women and girls gone wild, there is no such caution. But Bill’s “Culture Warrior” segments do give America’s Daddy who is looking out for us an opportunity to delve into prurient issues without being sued for sexual harassment. I do wonder if it’s as good for his lovely, blonde "warriors" as it is for him. Last week, O’Reilly and the ladies discussed a commercial, shown on ABC, which Bill felt was inappropriate. That Bill O’Reilly could accuse anybody or anything of inappropriateness is truly mindboggling!!!

Last Friday (February 26th,) Bill’s first “Culture Warrior” segment was about an promotional ad, which used Valentine's Day references, for ABC shows. Bill did not say at what time or on what show it was aired; but he was concerned about the use of a sexual “double entendre.” Bill issued his “warning” before the discussion began. His graphic showed the ABC logo with "XXX" under it. He claimed that the ad, which featured a “sexual reference” (as opposed to the ad, featured on "Culture Warriors," of a woman seductively eating a hamburger), was supposed to appeal to children. He showed the commercial in which a child actor says “Happy Valentine's Day, daddy,” after which the announcer says “America hearts the laughter, and critics heart the funny.” Another adult female character, while watching a child vomit in the toilet, sardonically says “Happy Valentine’s Day” after which the announcer states – (eewww, dirty talk coming up) – “Everyone has got a heart on for ABC comedy Wednesday.” A buxom woman (meeting Bill's stamp of approval I'm sure) then shouts, 'it's huge." The “heart on” comment was said while three images were shown – a woman wearing a sweater with hearts, “Charlie Brown” holding a valentine, and a woman wearing a belt with a heart in the front – hence, they each had a “heart on.” Bill, who must have quite the imagination (well, we know that!), claimed that Charlie Brown’s eyebrows went up when the “hearts on” was said. Former Miss America and model of Christian modesty in thought, word, and dress, Gretchen Carlson, said her’s did too! Carlson, whose morning show features “Hooters Girls” and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders shaking their tail feathers, said that it was “pushing the envelope a little too far” and asked why writers couldn’t write “jokes that are funny without the sexual innuendo” just like “the olden days.” Bill, whose idea of “dirty” is a little skewed, said that he didn’t care “what the ad people do on the networks, but when I saw Charlie Brown, and I'm not kidding here, I was like, you know, why would you even want to do that? It's clever, I guess, if you're writing for Hustler, but why do you want to do that on ABC?” (This ad is like Hustler? Really? Charlie Brown wasn’t doing anything obscene!) Bill said “family network” and sweet lil Gretch said that they’re doing it to get attention.

Margaret Hoover, rooted in reality, said that she felt this was being “overblown.” When Bill mentioned Charlie Brown’s eyebrows again (is that what Bill’s eyebrows do when he gets aroused?) Hoover said that she didn’t see it. (Neither did I – but Bill did) Hoover said that this is “much ado about nothing” and that there are far more lewd references in Shakespeare. Carlson said that “as a parent, I have a different perspective.” When Bill said that kids “wouldn’t get this,” she admitted that she reviewed the cartoon with her 6 year (the sound was low) because “he wouldn’t get it anyway.” But then she cautioned that he could get it when he is 8. Bill concluded with “Nothing offends me. I'm not offended. I just think it's unnecessary, and it's kind of beneath ABC to pedal that stuff.”

Comment: So if “nothing offends him,” then why bother talking about it. It’s not as though this is an ongoing commercial. That Bill would describe a harmless and veiled “sexual reference,” on an ad that wasn't "aimed at children," as “XXX” would seem to indicate a certain – ah – prurient interest in the subject matter. Bill’s focus on it would suggest that perhaps, despite his criticism, he did get his “heart-on?”

Note – Speaking of Bill O’Reilly’s inappropriateness, the “Atlantic Wire,” a blog connected to the “Atlantic Monthly,” sourced my thread about O’Reilly's second appearance at the Alexa Foundation. They said this: “A Lot to Answer For In a scathing 950-word takedown at watchdog blog News Hounds, Priscilla suggests some questions that attendees might lob at O'Reilly…” I know it’s nowhere near as awesome as having Bill O’Reilly praise a certain Fox lover’s clever little chart about how Fox is “Fair and Balanced;” but as the Atlantic has far more credibility than Bill, I’ll take this over an O’Reilly shout out any day. Hmmm, is the Atlantic joining the ranks of “Fox haters?”