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While Providing More Free Tea Party Publicity, Steve Doocy Makes Laughable Claim

Reported by Priscilla - March 2, 2010 -

Fox News is your Tea Party HQ. As documented by Media Matters, Fox News has “aggressively” promoted the Tea Party Movement. Fox News’ Tea Party embed and cub reporter Griff Jenkins not only verbally cheered for the Tea Partiers when he covered the awesome Tea Party express; but his producer physically revved up the party people while Jenkins reported from a stage at the 9/12 rally in Washington. Fox & Friends has also never seen a Tea Partier that it didn’t like. Texas teabagging mom, Katrina Pierson, got some loving on Fox & Friends. They hosted tea enthusiast, Amy Kremer, who denied “Astroturf” allegations against the movement. Gretchen Carlson interviewed a couple of Atlanta party gals. She also interviewed another teabagging mom who is planning on running in a Florida congressional race. The three amigos interviewed New Jersey tea party (not identified as such) guy, Brian Hegarty whose name was misspelled on the chyron. And yesterday, they provided more free face time and more love for two Sarah Palin loving teabaggers.

HT Raw Story

Yesterday, Fox & Friends interviewed two Tea Party fellows, from Florida, who have paid for a billboard that says “Now it's personal. America's coming for you, Congress! Vote Liberals out in 2010.” Gretchen Carlson, in her best breathless voice and with her best smiley face (not shown for Christopher Hitchens), noted that angry voters are "sending messages across the country, billboards are popping up expressing anger and frustration." As video of other “angry” billboards was shown, she introduced John Knapp and Eddie Roberts. They talked about why they were inspired to put up the billboards. There was a lot of giggling from the kids when Knapp and Roberts said that they had seen similar signs, on trucks, when folks were upset with Jimmy Carter. There was more giggling at Nancy Pelosi’s expense. The guys were asked how they felt about the health care bill being “rammed through.” (No bias there, no sirree). At the end of the interview, they showed the palms of their hands, upon which they had reverentially written “go Sarah,” to the camera. Lots of giggles for that. Knapp and Roberts then thanked Fox News because "Without Fox News, the other major media really doesn't cover what's going on in the country, or the politics." (Whaa..?!). I guess they’re talking about how the librul media doesn’t show the proper respect to teabaggers. I don’t know; but what I do know is that Steve Doocy’s response was breathtakingly idiotic – but then what else is new for Steve Doocy?!

"Well, we've got to give all the sides, and that's what we do our best to do."

WTF!? Let’s talk about the partisan pieces on Rifqa Bary and the “trouble with textbooks” for starters. Let’s talk about the American flag “controversies” where the views of the ACLU are totally ignored. Let’s talk about cheerleading the Tea Party people, the Iraq war, and so many of the other causes near and dear to the conservative cause. Let’s talk about today’s set piece. Do you think they would have been this happy if liberals had put up “angry” billboards about George Bush?

"Well, we've got to give all the sides, and that's what we do our best to do."

Steve Doocy has provided us with a plethora of inane comments. This one might just be his best.

Nuff said.

Note – I couldn't embed video; but it's on Raw Story. Also, this is an amended version of my earlier thread