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Ingraham Spews Hate About "Sob Stories" of the Uninsured

Reported by Julie - February 28, 2010 -

On Thursday night (2/25/10) on The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly and evil-incarnate-with-the-crucifix, Fox News something-or-other, Laura Ingraham, did a postmortem on President Obama's healthcare summit with the Republicans. When O'Reilly asked Ingraham if there was anything about "this whole thing" that she liked, Ingraham -- the woman with the cross, the woman blazing with the symbol of Christian goodness -- instead took the opportunity to ridicule those who have no access to, or can't afford, health insurance or proper healthcare. How that woman's cross stays right side up, I'll never know. With video.

"Well, here's what I like, Bill," Ms. Christian spewed, "I like the dueling sob stories, okay. One Democrat was trying to outdo the next on the sob story about how rotten our healthcare system is. Louise Slaughter [New York] won the Olympics of Sob Stories by saying one of her constituents had to wear her sister's dentures, okay, it go so bad with the healthcare system. . . ."

"Ooh," O'Reilly mockingly interrupted. "That's pretty grisly, isn't it?"

"Yeah," hatemonger-in-chief continued, "You had Harry Reid on the cleft palate with his con . . . I mean, the whole thing was ridiculous. And I think . . . why that happened, Bill, is because every time it did get to the substance -- and I'm speaking as an analyst here, not as a conservative -- when it did get into the substance the President and the Democrats seemed to be very uncomfortable, right, they wanted to turn it back to the euphemisms of universal coverage and . . . the heartache that so many people feel . . . ."

Well, screw us, then, for wanting to turn the healthcare reform debate into "the heartache that so many people feel." Screw us for finding an untreated cleft palate in a youngster unacceptable. Screw us for believing that people should be able to afford their own goddamn dentures. And as far as speaking as an analyst and "not as a conservative" -- the only "analysis" bitter Ms. Ingraham is capable of consists of a rabid, un-American hatred of our President, contempt for those who are suffering and have the gall to look to the government for help, disgust for the progressive movement for wanting to help those who have ill means to help themselves, and a slavish devotion to her gig at Fox which translates into a pandering to the right at all costs.

Interesting, coming from a woman who in this same segment (video below) accused the Democrats, essentially, of having a hidden agenda about healthcare reform: "It's never been about patients, it's always been about power."

In my opinion, the cost of Ingraham's devotion to the right and the cost of Ingraham's hate-filled "analysis" is the right to wear that cross. Get that shit off, Ingraham, it's false-flagging -- the God you profess to believe in can't be that big a fool.