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Bill Kristol Critiques Health Care Summit He Said He Didn't Watch

Reported by Ellen - February 28, 2010 -

On Fox News Sunday today, in a discussion about President Obama's health care summit, regular panelist Bill Kristol first told host Chris Wallace, "I didn't watch it... I have a life." Then Kristol went on to sneer at Obama's "professorial" manner and praise "many" others for being "impressive." Although some panelists laughed when Kristol said he didn't watch it, nobody questioned why he was critiquing something he said he had not seen. Is criticism-without-watching a criticizing the summit while boasting about not watching it may be a new Fox News tradition. After exhorting her Twitter followers to stop watching the summit and start watching the Olympics hockey game, Sarah Palin appeared on Hannity Friday night to analyze the summit.

Video via Think Progress which also caught Wallace promising Dick Cheney's daughter, Liz, that they'd try not to upset her father who was likely watching while recovering from a heart attack.