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Fox & Friends Partisan Friend, Steven Crowder, Says Mainstream Media Dissed CPAC

Reported by Priscilla - February 26, 2010 -

Steven Crowder is a conservative joker (whoops comedian) who makes occasional appearances on Fox News in order to promote whatever propaganda is being promoted. An ongoing propaganda meme on Fox is that the mainstream media, particularly the NY Times, is biased while Fox is “fair and balanced.” The newest iteration of the meme is the accusation that the mainstream media didn’t provide the right kind of coverage to the annual right wing hatefest known as CPAC – where Glenn Beck, a hatemonger by all definitions, was the guest speaker. Crowder was also the MC on the third day of CPAC. Crowder who, according to conservative Debbie Schlussel, “pulls facts out of his butt,” appeared on Monday’s Fox & Friends in order to pull yet another fact from his posterior – that “fact” being that, in not showing the proper respect towards CPAC, the mainstream media, especially the NY Times, ignored the awesomeness of the “culture warriors” who are so beloved by young conservatives – who just happened to vote for libertarian Ron Paul in the CPAC straw poll who fared much better than the “culture warriors” candidates.

Crowder, whom Schlussel describes as a “liar” who is “unethical” and “loose with the facts,” is also a fan of Andrew Breitbart who spent much of his time at CPAC screaming at Max Blumenthal and foaming at the mouth about a NY Times reporter who dared to say that young homophobe (whoops conservative) Jason Mattera was being unfairly maligned by the NY Times. Schlussel also described Crowder as a “lying performance artist.” But one could consider Fox & Friends to be lying performance artists so Crowder was in good company with his pals Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. The Fox chyron writers wasted no time in setting up the first visual: “Attack on CPAC? The Mainstream’s Media Drive By Hit.” (aw, don’t ya love the use of the Rush term “drive-by?”) Steve Doocy, in his best clown voice, said “some say it was wildly successful; but you wouldn’t know it by the coverage by the mainstream media.” Crowder was introduced, not as a CPAC MC, but as somebody who “was there.” Crowder launched into agit-prop mode when he alleged that the most successful speakers were Beck, Coulter, Breitbart and other “culture warriors who are spearheading the movement and not politicians.” He referenced an awesome moment when Breitbart “called out Podesta” about how Podesta’s “Alinsky tactics” aren’t working. The chyron read: “Conflicting Coverage, Did the NY Times Slant Its CPAC Coverage?” After Crowder alleged that the mainstream media “didn’t take that too well,” Kilmeade said that “they called him (Breitbart) a liar.” (No specific quotes from “they” were cited) Kilmeade added that Breitbart “has been leading the charge for these people.” Crowder alleged, without specifics, that the awesome folks at the conference were called “racists and homophobes” and then alluded to media accusations that young homophobe (whoops conservative) Jason Matera was doing a Chris Rock routine that was racist. Crowder then speculated that the media was “agitated” because the CPAC group was young. Fox’s meme that the NY Times is evil was further surported by the chyron: “NY Times Reports CPAC Conflict, Conservatives Confused Over Coverage of Chaos” (actually, I’m confused by the chyron). The next chyron was rich in irony: “Unfair and Unbalanced Media, Mainstream Report on Conservative Conflict.” (The “conflict” was never defined. Was it the conflict between the religious right and the gay conservative group which helped to sponsor CPAC - reported by the mainstream media and not discussed during this segment? ) When Crowder talked about how young conservatives care about economic issues, Kilmeade asked if Ron Paul’s victory was an example of this concern. Crowder, who earlier cited economic concerns amongst the youth, said that Paul would never be the nominee and alleged that it’s not the politicians who are going to win back the youth, but rather, the culture warriors like Beck and Coulter and “you guys.” (Yeah, more conspiracies and hate, that’s sure to win minds and hearts).

Comment: It’s unfortunate that parts of Mattera’s speech weren’t shown because it does reveal a nastiness which could be defined as racist and homophobic. For those of you not familiar with Mattera, he works for the right wing Young America’s Foundation. He is famous for attempting to start a whites only scholarship while at college. He told Chris Matthews that he was too busy fighting the culture war to serve in Iraq. That he might be a homophobe could be deduced by a “bullying and scathing attack” on the mother of Matthew Shepherd – a gay man who was murdered in a hate crime and for whom our national hate crimes legislation is named. At CPAC, Mattera delivered a speech in which he used “a Chris Rock voice” to attack diversity in homophobic terms. Mattera described supposed college classes on being “a new feminist black man” as a “crossover between Rue Paul and Barney Frank”. And while Van Jones is now being attacked for having referred to George Bush as a “crackhead,” Mattera said “…our notion of freedom doesn’t consist of snorting cocaine which is certainly one thing that separates us from Barack Obama.” But judging from Paul’s victory and the booing of) Ryan Sorba (not mentioned during the segment), who was making homophobic comments, some of the CPAC homies don’t play hate – despite Crowder’s contention. Schlussel is so right – “He should stick to his lame rap videos about Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and leave journalism to people who actually care about presenting truth”

Fact Check – the NY Times article only referred to Mattera’s routine as having bashed Obama “in racial tones.” There was no accusation that Mattera was homophobic.

If you interested in seeing Breitbart in all his glory: