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Fox News Spins Ron Paul Victory In CPAC Straw Poll

Reported by Priscilla - February 24, 2010 -

It seems that Fox News might not be too thrilled about Republican Congressman Ron Paul’s victory in the CPAC straw poll. Whether it’s Paul’s libertarian economic positions or his distaste for American “empire” so beloved by Fox’s Bill Kristol (who claims that “the spirit of the tea parties is not the spirit of Ron Paul”), it’s apparent that, in their coverage of Paul’s victory, Fox News was damning with faint praise or praising with faint damns. There were lots of caveats in their reports – “not a scientific poll,” 48% of voters “describe themselves as students,” “these straw polls don’t mean very much, anyway.” In response to Julie Banderas’ question about “how true” the poll is, Greg Jarrett’s reaction was that “it is early.” The words, “audible gasps,” were generously used to describe the crowd’s reaction to Paul’s victory – as opposed to Fox’s description of the reaction to Glenn Beck’s speech as being “warmer.” Fox & Friends Peter Johnson even suggested that if Glenn Beck’s name had been submitted, he would have won the poll. Anyway, enjoy this illustration of the subtle partisanship of Fox non opinion “News" whose reaction might have been more - ah - enthusiastic if Sarah Palin had won the straw poll?!

H/T Pam’s House Blend