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Dick Morris Revives “Death Panels” Lie, Campaigns Against Health Care Reform

Reported by Ellen - February 23, 2010 -

“Former Clinton advisor” Dick Morris took his usual Monday night perch on Hannity last night (2/22/10) for some heavy-duty GOP advocacy. First, Morris blatantly campaigned against health care reform by urging viewers to call selected Democratic representatives who might be persuaded to vote against the bill. Using his Fox News perch to campaign is something of a regular feature of Morris’ appearances. Nobody at “fair and balanced,” “we report, you decide” Fox News ever seems to mind. Then, Morris brought Sarah Palin’s “death panels” back to life by saying that Obama’s health care plan is “effectively… euthanasia.” “Death panels” was named PolitiFact’s 2009 Lie of the Year. That must have escaped Fox News’ “zero tolerance” for on-screen errors because there was no correction. With video.

Morris began the segment by crowing that by using “reconciliation” rules to pass health care reform, President Obama would be “slitting his own throat and taking the party with him… This (means) a decade of Republican control.”

“They are going to pass this in the Senate,” Morris conceded. “But they’ll also then have to pass the bill in the House because this will be a new bill. Now there are 38 Democratic Congressmen that voted against Obamacare last time. We probably keep all of those. Then there are 30 Democratic Congressmen who are vulnerable, all up for re-election, all scared to death, who voted for it last time… At (Morris’ website) right now, I have a list of them all, their names, their districts and their phone numbers. I urge everybody to go to (his website) and call all of those guys and women. And then, the League of American Voters has prepared advertisements to run in each of their districts. So the whole point here is that if we mount a huge effort, aimed at these moderate conservative Democrats… we could turn this around, still.”

As if that were not enough bias, a banner on the screen read, “UNIVERSAL NIGHTMARE RETURNS."

Morris continued, “Remember what this is gonna do. This is gonna set up a board that will rule on who can get what medical care when. And it effectively is euthanasia. It says to the elderly, ‘No, you cannot get this bypass surgery. You’re diabetic, you’re 78 years old, you’re in a wheelchair, I’m sorry, I can’t approve this surgery for you… Sorry about that.’”