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Fox News’ Latest Obama Smear Attack: Robert Gibbs Twitters

Reported by Ellen - February 21, 2010 -

I was looking for something on Foxnews.com when their current top video caught my eye for its sheer pettiness. It’s called Gibbs Tweets: Panel discusses Robert Gibbs’ decision to use Twitter. Sure enough, the discussion was as snarky as I imagined. While the Fox News Watch panel complained that Gibbs should have more important things to do, I was thinking the same about them. With video.

Although conservative Jim Pinkerton said, “Good for him,” Democrat Kirsten Powers could not have been snider. “He knows who Kim Kardashian is?” she asked, referring to one of Gibbs’ early tweets. “I just think he wouldn’t have enough time for that. I think he has an intern doing this.”

“Yes, exactly,” Judith Miller said.

“Middle aged men should not try to look hip unless they can be like me and actually bring it off,” Cal Thomas quipped.

“Is there a danger, though, trying to boil down White House pronouncements into those 140 characters?” host Jon Scott asked, as a banner on the screen read, “Gibbs’ new Twitter tool. Another way to sidestep the press?”

Miller sneered, “I think it requires constant imagination for the White House how they’re going to get around us and this is just the latest permutation of that.” She claimed she wished him well before adding this little dig. “I just wish he’d do his job and return more of our telephone calls instead of sending out those tweets.”

“It really is a way of avoiding the press, though, wouldn’t you agree?” Scott asked.

Maybe next week, they'll discuss what Gibbs puts on his hamburgers and what that says about Obama's White House.

“Maybe his pronouncements from the White House pulpit will be shorter now that he has to reduce the number of characters on Twitter," Thomas said.