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Would Fox News Be So Sure The Austin Plane Crash Was Not A Terrorist If The Pilot Had Been Muslim?

Reported by Ellen - February 19, 2010 -

David Neiwert, at Crooks and Liars, notes how eager the Fox News folks were to assure viewers that yesterday’s (2/18/10) plane crash into an IRS office in Austin had nothing to do with terrorism. Neiwert asks, “Since when is attempting to blow up a federal building NOT an act of domestic terrorism?” He makes a great point, of course, especially since it was not long ago that Fox News pundits were foaming at the mouth because Obama had not called the Fort Hood shooter a terrorist. It’s true we don’t know all the facts about either case but there are some similarities: Nidal Malik Hasan was angry at the military and went on a shooting rampage; Joseph Stack was angry at the IRS and the federal government and crashed his plane into their building. Yes, Hasan seemed to have extremist connections that, as far as we know, Stack did not have. But also as far as we know, both were acting alone as the result of some kind of personal grievance. So what’s the big difference that mandates that Hasan be called a terrorist and not Stack? The only reason I can think of is that Hasan is a Muslim and Stack does not seem to be.