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Scott Brown Shrugs Off Joseph Stack As Just Another Disgruntled Taxpayer

Reported by Ellen - February 19, 2010 -

I don’t know which was more shocking: Senator Scott Brown’s shrugging off suicide pilot Joseph Stack as just another disgruntled taxpayer, Brown’s suggestion that his recent election would serve to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future, the disconnect between that attitude and Brown’s boastfulness about his national security mojo or the fact that host Neil Cavuto either didn’t notice or didn’t think it worth commenting about any of that? With video.

When asked by Cavuto about the horrific incident yesterday (2/18/10) in which Stack crashed a plane into a federal building that housed the IRS, Brown hardly sounded concerned as he said casually, “Well, It’ s certainly tragic and I feel for the families obviously that are being affected by it. And I don’t know if it’s related but I can just sense not only in my election but since being here in Washington, people are frustrated. They want transparency. They want their elected officials to be accountable and open and talk about the things that are affecting their daily lives. So I am not sure if there is a connection, I certainly hope not, but we need to do things better.”

Cavuto asked, “Invariably people are going to look at this type of incident, Senator, and say, ‘Well, that’s where some of this populist rage gets you.’ Isn’t that a bit extreme?”

“Yeah, of course it's extreme,” Brown said, nonchalantly. “You don’t know anything about the individual. He could have had other issues. Certainly, no one likes paying taxes, obviously. But the way we are trying to deal with things and have been in the past, at least until I got here is, there is such a log jam in Washington and people want us to do better. They want us to help solve the problems that are affecting Americans in a very real way. And I think, I’m hopeful that we can do that with a lot of the things that are coming forward, at least what I’m hearing through and speaking with my colleagues. There seems to be a different feel, there’s kind of a message that was sent with my election, the fact that I was elected by a substantial margin in taking the former Ted Kenedy’s seat. They want somebody different… I’m hopeful that’s going to happen.”

As Think Progress noted, that’s a stark contrast to the tone Brown struck during the campaign when he attacked his opponent as “naïve” on terrorism and went after Obama for reacting too slowly to the failed Christmas bomber. In fact, moments after making light of Stack, Brown went on to preen about his national security cred again. "(Vice President Biden) obviously took a swipe at me, saying I didn’t understand that there are attorneys in military tribunals. Well, obviously, I do, ‘cause I’m one of them… I’ve been serving for 30 years, still serving. He’s missing the point. He’s trying to shift it away from the administration’s – I think – mistake in not treating these people as enemy combatants.”

You have to wonder, would Brown have been so cavalier about Stack if he had been Muslim? Or does Brown just feel that since he's been elected, the threat level has been greatly reduced?