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Boulder, Colorado Happiest City In The US – What Say You Bill O’Reilly?

Reported by Priscilla - February 19, 2010 -

Remember when Bill O’Reilly waged yet another personal crusade against Boulder, Colorado? Bill, an accused, unrepentant, and unapologetic sexual harasser, was irate because the Boulder High (here, here) School hosted a lecture which openly discussed sex and drugs – subjects that, according to the gospel of America’s Daddy, should not be discussed because when sex and drugs do happen (as stated by the lecturers) it’s just so much more fun when one is the product of a repressed, religious education – like Bill! Bill was quite vaclempt about the whole thing and smeared the city of Boulder, Boulder teachers (who received graphic threats of violence after Bill’s “expose”), and students who did get an opportunity to defend themselves, quite well, to Bill – not a Boulder resident. Bill was very upset that, despite his scolding, there was no public outcry in a city which he labeled “extreme.” But despite this evil librul agenda, which is obviously corrupting the youth of Boulder, the city has been rated as the happiest and the healthiest city in the country. So despite (or maybe as a result of) sex and drugs and rock and roll – and Bill O’Reilly – Boulder is happy and healthy. Rock on Boulder!!! And memo to Bill: “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad…”