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“Joe The Plumber” Says McCain Screwed Up His Life But Didn’t Screw Up His Life

Reported by Ellen - February 17, 2010 -

“Joe The Plumber,” aka Joe Wurzelbacher appeared on Hannity last night (2/16/10) to clarify his comments over the weekend that John McCain screwed up his life. First, Wurzelbacher blamed the media for mischaracterizing him. Then he said that McCain and Barack Obama had screwed up the life he had been living, presumably as a regular “Joe,” but went on to say that it was “going overboard a little bit” to say they had screwed up his life. Then Wurzelbacher blamed the media for ruining his business because “the last thing a housewife wants is for me to show up with NBC on my butt and when she’s sitting there in her house robe.” Sean Hannity offered very little challenge to those nonsensical answers. With video.

Hannity began the interview by characterizing Wurzelbacher as “one of the McCain campaign’s deadliest weapons.” If that were the case, it’s no wonder he lost.

The only remarks by Wurzelbacher that Hannity challenged were those attacking John McCain. Hannity asked, “Did he ruin your life… Did you say all these things?”

“Let me paint you a picture,” Wurzelbacher said. “As you know, media likes to sit there and cut off what you’re saying. They didn’t go on with the full sentence. I actually said the rest of the sentence in a paragraph afterwards.” I’m guessing that what Wurzelbacher meant by that was that the media quoted the rest of his sentence in a later paragraph. But he never told us what the rest of his sentence was. Hannity never asked, either.

Wurzelbacher “painted” us another picture, this time about how he had just gotten custody of his son for six months and had been making payments on the business he was buying from his boss before the now-infamous run in with Barack Obama that made Wurzelbacher an instant media celebrity and poster child for the McCain/Palin ticket.

Wurzelbacher “explained,” “I was living the American dream. So yes, John McCain and Barack Obama in essence screwed up that life. Now, screwed up my life? That’s going overboard a little bit. They screwed up that life that I was very much looking forward to. But I’ve definitely embraced what’s come my way.”

Hannity said, “You stepped into that… You felt compelled to do it. You decided to go out on the campaign trail with John McCain… You made these decisions freely on your own, right?

“Yes,” Wurzelbacher agreed. Then he went on to blame the media for ruining his business. “There’s no way I could have gone back to my life once I asked that question (to Barack Obama, about his proposed tax policy of taxing those who earn more than $250,000 a year), the media wouldn’t have allowed it… In fact, it actually closed down my business for two months after that because the media was following me around everywhere and the last thing a housewife wants is for me to show up with NBC on my butt and when she’s sitting there in her house robe… That in itself closed down the business.”

I’ve got to wonder whether they didn’t bring on Wurzelbacher in order to make Sarah Palin look good. At least, he was able to answer questions without reading notes off his hand. On second thought, he might have been better off if he had.