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Fox News' Jim Pinkerton Hearts NewsBusters And They Heart Him!

Reported by Priscilla - February 17, 2010 -

As I noted in a thread from last June, Fox Nation and NewsBusters, seem to have a thing going on – albeit a strictly chaste and heterosexual one. Fox Nation, which draws from right wing sources such as World Net Daily and a blog run by a character from “Red Dawn,” was sourcing from a blog that was birthed by Fox fave, professional persecuted Christian, general scold, and head of the conservative Media Research Center, Brent Bozell. Bozell is also the nephew of the far more accomplished and famous William F Buckley – a true conservative who had more important things to do than whine about satirical cartoon shows, the gay agenda, and sex between unmarried characters on television shows. Sharing his obsessions, Bozell’s blog exposes all those nasty agendas being promoted by evil media not affiliated with the holy and pure Fox News. In addition to Fox Nation, it appears that conservative panel member of “Fox News Watch,” Jim Pinkerton, is getting it on with NewsBusters; as he has provided “shout outs” to NewsBusters on two recent occasions. All aglow with having been embraced by somebody from beloved Fox News, they returned the love - albeit it strictly chaste and heterosexual. As the “Church Lady” would say, “isn’t that special.”

Pinkerton, who frequently shares the conservative “Fox NewsWatch” stage with conservative fashionista and defender of the straight agenda, Cal Thomas, recently blew some kisses to his fellow NewsBusters defenders of God, Country, Apple Pie, and RNC talking points. On the December 12th, 2009, “Fox News Watch,” during a discussion of Obama’s sinking poll numbers, Pinkerton “marvelously said hats off to Rusty Weiss at NewsBusters.” (A little self congratulatory?). Pinkerton noted that the White House was trying to dismiss the numbers as fluctuations except for, “hats off to Rusty Weiss at News Busters who pointed out that back in February, when the Gallup poll showed enormous support for the stimulus package, the same guy, Robert Gibbs, was delighted to flap that as proof for what a great policy he had.” (Those NewsBusters are such smarty pants!)

On the February 6th, “Fox News Watch,” Pinkerton praised a NewsBuster’s blog comment that President Obama, in an “attempt to “deflect the criticism” it had received for mirandizing Umar Abdul Muttalab (“Christmas Day Bomber”), might have "compromised national security” by “leaking” that Mr. Muttalab was providing information. (Nice use of two right wing talking points!) Pinkerton gave a "hats off” to Mark Finkelstein for “being the first to raise the issue.” (Wow, with incisive political analysis like that, maybe that “Newsbuster” has a future working for Fox News!) And BTW, Mark Finkelstein once criticized Dylan Ratigan for a “fawning” interview. Oh, the irony! Guess Finkelstein hasn’t seen Sean Hannity "fawn" over his famous Republican guests.

Comment: Can’t you just feel the love!