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NewsBusters Jumps Into The News Hounds/Johnny Dollar Feud

Reported by Ellen - February 16, 2010 -

Well, well, well, it looks like NewsBusters has decided to get into the act on behalf of their colleague, Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar in his latest overheated attack on us. My response after the jump.

While I'm awe-struck at the amount of time and attention Koldys/Dollar has devoted to combing over every word posted on our site during the last 5 1/2 years, I am also amazed at how, in his never-ending quest for nits to pick at and to blow out of proportion, he has managed to miss the forest for the trees so often. Maybe it's because he's so eager to make everything about me or the other bloggers that he rarely, if ever, seems to get around to defending Fox News' supposed fairness and balance. Maybe that's a deliberate tactic of distraction. But you have to admit that there's something creepy about a guy who supposedly can't say enough bad things about me or my blog to also post a photograph of me on his home page, mixed in with those Fox News personalities he admires so much. Is this hate or something else? I don't care and I don't usually pay it much attention but his deceit reached such a new low this week that I could not ignore it.

Rather than perpetuate Koldys'/Dollar's latest hissy fit, I'll just say the following:

1. Even if you disagree that Dollar/Koldys distorted my blog mates' views (I provided links in my earlier post so readers can make up their own minds about that), my larger point remains, which is that only someone obsessively bent on smearing me would take a simple post wishing Jennifer Griffin a speedy recovery from breast cancer and giving her props for her reporting, and dredge up old posts by other people to somehow suggest I didn't mean it. Apparently, Mr. Fox News fan is so intent on making me look bad that he's willing to poison good wishes for a gravely ill Fox News reporter in the process. Will he be combing through my Christmas cards next in an effort to denigrate my holiday greetings?

2. I'm extremely flattered that he would consider the removal of an incorrect News Hounds analysis of a poll in the same category as Foxnews.com reporting conflicting stories about Iran supplying weapons to Iraqi insurgents. If Dollar/Koldys wants to continue to argue that our removal of an incorrect post is proof of something nefarious about us, far be it from me to spoil his little fun. I see it even gave him an opportunity to post my photograph again.

3. Although Dollar/Koldys accuses News Hounds of making unfounded assumptions, he did exactly the same thing in his accusation that I or somebody associated with News Hounds supposedly led an attack of vulgar comments on his website. His "proof?" That he received a comment, never published, saying, "I will tell the Kennel to come over and have some fun." Was this supposedly a comment from me? Another News Hound? Dollar/Koldys doesn't bother to say. But he certainly suggested that by saying the comment preceded a slew of hate-filled comments on his blog and mentioning it right after another laundry list of attacks on me. I have challenged him to prove that that comment came from me or someone connected to News Hounds. So far, he has not provided any substantiation. And I can assure you, he never will. Maybe in his dreams we would spend the same kind of time and energy on his site that he does on ours. But in real life? Not at all.

Lastly, NewsBusters sneers that we are an "organization you've probably never heard of." If so, they might want to consider what that says about their own readers. A search of "News Hounds" on their site turns up more than 10 pages of results, many of which refer to us.