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Bill O’Reilly Takes Credit For Pro-Life Victory Where None Is Due

Reported by Priscilla - February 16, 2010 -

As “America’s Daddy” who is “looking out for us,” Bill O’Reilly actually believes that he wields influence in the scheme of things. Such thinking could be considered narcissistic and delusional; but that doesn’t matter to “Papa Bear” who subscribes to that old George Costanza axiom of “it’s not a lie if you believe it.” Whether or not Bill’s influence has led to passage of “Megan’s Law,” in several states, is debatable. His crusade against Dr. Tiller might not have led to Tiller’s death; but it did create a climate of hate in which many of Bill’s fellow travelers still think that Tiller’s death was fine. But despite the contention of Bill’s stalker (whoops, producer) Jesse T Watters, Bill, clearly, did not “save Christmas” in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. And his newest “achievement” is not only questionable – it appears to be totally bogus. But if Bill really believes that the “Factor" deserves credit for the Speaker of the House of Representatives reversing his policy on allowing a pro-life teen to accept an award on the Ohio House floor, he is even more full of that “bold and fresh” than I have given him credit for!

As I pointed out in last week’s thread, the right wing anti choice community was outraged that Ohio anti-choice teen Elizabeth Trisler had been denied, by the pro-choice Speaker of the Ohio House, the opportunity to accept an award, for her anti-choice oratory, on the floor of the Ohio House of Representatives. The decision was reversed; but that didn’t stop Fox News from using it to promote the requisite anti-choice talking point that those who are pro-choice are intolerant. Anti Choice Crusader O’Reilly provided, as did Fox & Friends, Ms. Trisler with a forum from which she and Bill O’Reilly could bash the Speaker. Bill also gave her affirmation and validation by stating that the speaker “didn’t want to hear” what Trisler said because he was “a pro-choice guy.” When Trisler misrepresented the Speaker’s position by saying that because he disagreed with Trisler’s position he didn’t want to hear it, Bill said that’s right. (Mr. Budish originally said that he didn’t approve of any “politically sensitive group” (including gay rights) from using the House floor to promote their position.) Bill provided a shout out to his anti choice pals in his “interpretation” of Budish’s original decision being a “pure political play to keep a pro-life point of view from receiving any attention at all…” Not surprisingly Ms. Trisler’s mother agreed with the patented talking point about how these people “tout themselves as pro-choice, but they’re not pro-choice.” She also noted that while “these people” preach tolerance, they are not tolerant. Not surprisingly, anti choice award winner, Bill O’Reilly said “that seems to be the case.” Bill then did a weird role play in which he channeled Budish so that Elizabeth could “use her oratorical skills” to refute him. Elizabeth wanted to know why “Budish” can’t tolerate her and people like her. Bill said that she should get another “Factor” award and that Budish should be very embarrassed. Looking very smug, he followed this with his piece de resistance:

Once we started to investigate, magically, you know how this happens, Mr. Budish changed his mind.”

Comment: WTF!!??? The only thing magical here is Bill O’Reilly’s fantasy that he somehow is responsible for Budish’s change of heart. If Bill had been investigating, he didn’t mention it. But isn’t it special that Bill is now claiming that he did! And isn’t it special that Bill is claiming credit and not giving any credit to the ACLU, whose Ohio president, Christine Link, said, "Instead of teaching young people that the answer is to silence those who disagree with us, legislators should be modeling how to address difficult issues thoughtfully and listen respectfully to others.” She also noted that Budish’s decision was a “troubling precedent.” But Bill’s comment is a perfect example of how his misinformed propaganda spreads. A number of anti choice blogs are now saying that Budish changed his mind because of Bill O’Reilly who, without any evidence other than his “ex-cathedra” statement (an “infallible” pronouncement by the Pope) about his "investigation," takes credit for Budish’s change of heart. Once again it appears that narcissist Bill might be in the throes of yet another delusional episode– or in layman’s terms, “crazy talk.” But he’s also crazy like a Fox (!) because his audience actually believes this “bold, fresh” bull shit on a "fair and balanced" "news" network!