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Johnny Dollar/Mark Koldys' Projection Of Deceit

Reported by Ellen - February 15, 2010 -

Only in the bizarro world of Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar, a guy so obsessed with us he has my picture prominently placed on his homepage, would a correction we made to a post be characterized as something nefarious and deceitful. UPDATED 2/16/10 and 2/17/10.

In the latest of his weekly diatribes against us, Koldys/Dollar writes:

Rather than admit an embarrassing error, (Julie and Ellen) came up with a better idea. They made the old post disappear, and then put up a "correction":

A prior post about Fox's reporting on the WSJ/NBC poll was incorrect and has been withdrawn.

What was incorrect? Where was the mistake? Slyly, Ellen doesn't say. And with the original post "withdrawn" within hours of its being published, their secret is safe.

And this matters, why? The point, as I see it, is to keep what's on the blog correct, not to explain why what's NOT on the blog was incorrect.

Koldys/Dollar further suggests (after falsely accusing us of not watching Fox, when I can assure him that we do) that I lied in a post wishing Fox News' Jennifer Griffin our best wishes for a speedy recovery from breast cancer. Only someone obsessively bent on smearing us would take a simple post with a positive sentiment and try to use it for his own, self-serving purposes. But as if that isn't bad enough, he resorted to his own deceit to do so.

For example, Koldys/Dollar claims that we called Griffin a "tool of the religious right." Where did he find that in this post? I could not. Chrish was suggesting that Fox News did not want to offend the religious right, not denigrating Griffin's reporting abilities.

Koldys/Dollar exaggerated Donna's words to falsely claim she called Griffin a "Pentagon spinmeister."

Koldys/Dollar also twisted Marie Therese's post to allege she characterized Griffin as doing "phony baloney" reporting. In reality, MT was criticizing Fox News' context, not Griffin's work, per se:

"Angle aired a report by Jennifer Griffin that included statements about Iran made by an "Iranian dissident" named Alireza Jafarzadeh, author of The Iran Threat and founder of Strategic Policy Consulting, Inc. Jafarzadeh is a member of the NCRI (National Council of Resistance in Iran). In other words this guy, who has lived in the United States since 1979, stands to benefit greatly by an attack on Iran both monetarily and through enhanced prestige.

All of this is really sounding more and more like the phony-baloney build-up we all went through before the failed war in Iraq!"

Koldys/Dollar claimed we said, "Jennifer Griffin is the epitome of a spoiled brat." In reality, what Nancy wrote was: "Griffin's report (my emphasis) was the epitome of spoiled brat sneering 'eewww'; she's better when she reports from Jerusalem."

Furthermore, I never said in my post that Griffin was a flawless reporter who stood up to Fox News' spin machine. I said, "I, along with several of the other News Hounds have long thought that Jennifer Griffin was one of the best reporters on Fox News, if not the best reporter." Did I say that none of us had ever criticized her? No.

Meanwhile, Koldys/Dollar, after complaining I should have given those props to Griffin before, somehow overlooked Nancy's post saying, "This interview & Jennifer Griffin's report on the same topic were actually informative & balanced... -- unlike the rest of the program, which was a re-tread of stories aired earlier the same day on Fox News Live, a reiteration of GOP talking points, & a few off-hand bashes at the usual targets."

Since J$ came up with the idea that we don't actually watch Fox, maybe he was projecting from his own deceit of not actually reading what we write.

But wait, there's more! I didn't scroll down the J$ page far enough. Koldys/Dollar also attacks us for criticizing Fox Nation's comments - a regular diet of death threats, racism and homophobia - because he found one inappropriate comment on our site. It was neither a death threat, racist nor homophobic. It did, however, speak positively about a certain piece of equipment being shoved up a certain part of Glenn Beck's anatomy. I think that comment should not have gotten through and I have deleted it. But there is simply no comparison, except in Koldys'/Dollar's fantasy world, between one out-of-line comment that got past our volunteer moderators and the mountain of death wishes and bigotry that has either been approved or ignored by the moderators of a site owned by one of the largest media conglomerates in the world.


Koldys/Dollar wrote this:

Patrick is the guy who merrily called for Bill O'Reilly to be raped and murdered over at the newshounds forum. He was part of the gang who comment-bombed this website with all those unprintable, vulgar, repellent personal attacks.

My Challenge to You:

I challenge you to send Ellen, via email, screen shots of those comments, including the IP's, which no doubt you have archived. Prove that those comments came from a "gang" of our regulars. I don't believe it for one second. You are trying to smear us all with the actions of one or two people - who may not even be one of our regulars for all we know - and your smears are despicable, unethical and underhanded, even for you. PROVE that there was an orchestrated attack by a "gang" and that it was associated with Newshounds.

We do NOT encourage or condone such behavior, contrary to what you would like to believe, and your insinuation that we might is vile in itself.

Its time to put up or shut up. Let's see those screenshots.

2/17/10 UPDATE: Now NewsBusters has gotten into the act.