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Glenn Beck Smears Meghan McCain, Calls Her A “Useful Idiot”

Reported by Ellen - February 13, 2010 -

Glenn Beck’s hatemongering of the day yesterday (2/12/10) was a gratuitous attack on Meghan McCain which he whitewashed by saying, after he had finished smearing her, that he didn’t really "have a problem" with her. But before he didn’t mean it, he mocked her supposed Valley Girl speech (even though she does not talk that way), said she “seems to be” a “useful idiot,” and, for good measure, smeared her father, Senator John McCain, as a stupid old man, too. And, of course, it was all in service to "I love my country so much I'd cry for it" Beck's larger cause: his never-ending war against progressives. And as Beck attacked McCain for accusing Tom Tancredo of being a racist, Beck nonetheless gave Tancredo's incendiary remarks a pass. With video.

As usual, Beck’s opening monologue was a jumble of ideas thrown together in a stream of consciousness schtick that conveniently avoided any logical arguments or theories.

“Kids are pretty stupid… I think a lot of our twenty-somethings are becoming useful idiots. One of those useful idiots seems to be Meghan McCain,” Beck said by way of introducing his coming attack. Then, in a mock Valley Girl voice, Beck added, “She’s like John McCain’s, like, totally awesome, like, daughter.” Beck was sneering at McCain’s appearance on The View recently, which he described as, “wicked awesome.”

Beck played a clip of her appearance (you can see more here) in which McCain said about Tom Tancredo’s speech at the recent Tea Party Convention, “Revolutions start with young people, not with 65 year-old people talking about literacy tests and people who can’t say the word ‘vote’ in English.’”

Beck focused his jeers about McCain on her supposed disparagement of older people which was a distortion of what she had said. McCain was saying that Tancredo’s racist remarks would turn off younger people which the Tea Party would need if they wanted to really get anywhere. Funny how Beck sharpened his knife against McCain and yet gave Tancredo's incendiary remarks a pass. Beck also failed to note that Tancredo had attacked McCain's father. One could not help but wonder if what really ticked Beck off was the younger McCain's accusation that the Tea Party was racist. If there’s one thing we know about Beck, it’s that he has quite a dishonorable record on race.

In any event, Beck’s venom suggested he took McCain's comments personally. And as is his wont when his sensitive widdle feewings are hurt, he lashed out viciously against others. Holding up a cardboard cutout of her father, John McCain, Beck taunted, “What do those stupid 65 year-olds know anyway? I mean, Meghan, you’re kind of right. Old people are dumb. They don’t start revolutions.”

Beck put away his clown persona and leaned into the camera with his sincere voice. “She’s actually right. The youth are the ones that start revolutions. But they’re usually used and targeted by older radicals.”

Then, just to show what a great guy he really is, Beck said, “It’s not Meghan McCain. I don’t have a problem with Meghan McCain. There’s just a pattern here with progressives. And she identified herself on that broadcast as a ‘progressive Republican.’ The youth of America are being hijacked.”

Three guesses who Beck thinks has hijacked the youth of America. Did you guess Barack Obama? Sometimes, you don’t even have to watch the show to know what Beck is going to say.

But on this show, Beck delayed his full-bore attacks on Obama in order to smear young people a little more. Back in clown mode, Beck said, “Mom and Dad are stupid. They believe in that crazy, like Constitution stuff. They’re so old school, you know? All of us in tenth grade with all of our big wisdom and big brains just sloshin’ around in our heads – I mean, they don’t have any brains any more.”

Beck went on to play video, apparently gotten from some website associated with Obama, of kids talking about trying to persuade their parents about the importance of voting for Obama in 2008. There was no context to the video other than Beck’s self-serving histrionics of suggestion that Obama is now trying to brainwash our youth and turn them against their parents. Even though no kid in the video we saw showed any antagonism toward her parents. Even though no kid indicated that they were being put up to the task by anyone, much less anyone connected with Obama. And even though this obviously had no bearing on Meghan McCain who surely neither voted nor campaigned for Obama.

“The message the president is sending to families should be one of healing,” Beck, the Fearmonger-in-Chief, said in all seriousness. But Beck either has a very curious notion of healing or else he’s a believer in “Do as I say, not as I do.” Moments later, he launched another one of his poisoned tirades: “Is it just me or am I the only one that thinks turning our kids against our parents to get elected is evil?”

You can pretty much guess the rest.

Want to let Beck know what you think of his style of “healing?” His attacks on Meghan McCain? You can contact him at me@glennbeck.com or glennbeck@foxnews.com.