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Glenn Beck Turns MarketWatch "Populous Bomb" On Its Head To Fearmonger About "The Coming Insurrection" (Part 1 of 2)

Reported by Alex - February 12, 2010 -

Glenn, oh Glenn. You must do something about your reading comprehension problem. First you take what might be a valid point made in a MarketWatch article and turn it on its head, morphing Paul B. Farrell's "populous rebellion time bombs" of solely self-interested politicians, investors, bankers, CEOs, consumers and taxpayers - who trust nobody in authority "for good reason" - into "actual communists...masquerading as Democratic socialists" led by former advisor to President Obama, Van Jones. And then you link up the whole commie/dem/socialist shebang - this carefully-orchestrated takeover of the United States which has penetrated to the heart of the White House (according to you) - with an obscure and "evil" book called The Coming Insurrection - a book whose core thesis is that true revolution can not be brought about through formal organizations of any kind, let alone the agents of a national government. Poor Glenn - it must be so hard to put together a factual program for your fans night after night when you keep getting everything so utterly backwards. With video.

Paul B. Farrell, a former investment banker with Morgan Stanley, is the author of a number of books on investing and personal finance who now writes for MarketWatch. In his Feb. 2 column he listed 20 possible reasons that the "global debt time bomb" will "explode soon". It is from Farrell's highly melodramatic but thought-provoking article that Beck constructed his blackboard presentation on Wednesday (10/2).

Of course, Beck being Beck, he managed to (selectively) leave out a few of Farrell's opinions - though in fairness he did include the bit that blames both Presidents Bush and Obama for the astronomical US debt. As I read the article and the Beck transcript side-by-side, I noticed that Beck's most glaring omission was Farrell's frequent references to "fat cat bankers", and one pointed reference to "America's corporate socialism" - oh, and a swipe at Americans who drive gas-guzzling cars with abandon. And while Farrell makes no bones about laying the blame for the recession - and what he is sure is the coming Great Depression - at Wall Street's greedy door, Beck seems to pussyfoot around that, while he's happy to repeat Farrell's claim that the last two Presidents share the blame for the debt. Government bad, corporate greed good, eh, Beck?

But where Glenn completely and utterly throws Farrell's analysis out the window is at point 20. Here's what Farrell wrote:

20. The Coming Populous Rebellion Bombs. Nobody trusts anyone in authority. For good reason. So immediate gratification, short-term betting and a lack of long-term perspective wins for individual investors, consumers and taxpayers as well as Washington, Wall Street and Corporate America CEOs. Today: "Doing what's right for the common good and country" is just empty political rhetoric.
Got that? The pursuit of the American dream turned, somewhere along the way, into the chasing of a corporate-driven sham individualism, in symbiosis with a no-holds-barred capitalist ethic that's going to bring the whole damn house of cards down, and everyone's to blame. Notice Farrell's use of the phrase "the common good"? He must be a Commie. That must be why Beck completely jettisoned Farrells analysis in point 20 in favor of this:**
20. The Coming Populous Rebellion Bombs: The media will say those are the Tea Parties. Let me show you what it really is. Van Jones: A 9/11 Truther, radical communist who set up organizations to defend cop killers. He was in the White House and now is going out on a speaking tour with a senator from New York.And then he's going over to Columbia University to speak to the students. The influence is already here.

Let me show you what it looks like — the finished product — It's quite possibly the most evil thing I've ever read - I told you last summer, to read this book: "The Coming Insurrection" by Invisible Committee. It's about to play out in the streets of Greece. It's been played out in France. What's the story? People who are actual communists have been masquerading as Democratic socialists: We're not Marxists, we're just like you. They fell into bed with their politicians — their version of Nancy Pelosi — and they were backing those people, according to the book they realized those people aren't serious... just like Van Jones and the Left are starting to figure out that Barack Obama -- theyre starting to say 'wait a minute -- is this guy serious? Is he gonna do it? We had an... an unspoken understanding! He's gonna bring us the socialist utopia!

This is their manifest. Message is: Everyone in government has been lying to you. And that's why they call for the coming insurrection.This is evil stuff {these are the things that will free the worker]. One chapter in it: how to destroy the family. [and yada yada yada...]

(**the italicized quotes in these paragraphs represent the places where Beck's actual narrative differed significantly from the publshed transcript.)

Look! Shiny thing! Over here! Pay no attention to that investment banker, the guy with the Ph.D. who has published over 1000 articles in his field; just feel the fear! The Commies are coming! The Commies are coming! "You have to know the truth of the coming insurrection!!"

Glenn Beck's cynical manipulation of his audience is breathtaking in its scope and sheerbrass neck, as our British cousins would say. Having established his bona fides with his faithful flock by quoting, almost verbatim, an article written by a well-qualified (if alarmist) investment banker and author, he kicks Farrell's ladder away and walks on the rarified air of his own delusional conspiracies, secure in the knowledge that the sheeple will never know the difference.

In the upcoming Part 2 we'll explore exactly why Beck's linking of The Coming Insurrection - a self-aggrandizing "handbook of revolution" that was almost unknown in the United States until Beck started publicizing it - to U.S. progressives is not only illogical, but so downright stupid that it has to be either an outright lie or a tacit admission that he either never read the book, or doesn't understand what he read.

(What are those sounds in the background? Are they the voices in Beck's head?)