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Fox News Helps J.D. Hayworth Plug His Candidacy

Reported by Ellen - February 10, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

J.D. Hayworth used an appearance on Your World Monday (2/8/10) to repeatedly plug his possible challenge for John McCain’s Senate seat. Substitute host Stuart Varney did a decent job conducting a balanced, probing interview and we would have merely used this post to commend him for it were it not for his deliberate aiding and abetting Hayworth’s self-promotion. The Fox News chyron, “Hayworth expected to take on McCain in AZ Senate race,” that flashed conveniently on the screen just as Varney was asking Hayworth about his candidacy suggested that the PR had been pre-planned. With video.

Hayworth began the interview by plugging the fundraising website for his “possible” candidacy, as Varney smilingly looked on.

From there, the interview went back to its purported topic, Obama’s stimulus plan. Haywroth called the previous bill a "massive snow job of a stimulus bill, almost $800 billion. What did we end up losing in the private sector? Seven million jobs. The Senate needs to slow down… It's the same old, same old, very minimum tax cuts, a lot of command and control." Comment: He must have meant total jobs lost in the recession.

Varney said, "The Democrats have a pretty good case to be made by saying that maybe it is working. After all, we’re going to be hiring a million census workers soon, and the unemployment rate dropped to 9.7%. They can make the case that it is working."

"Oh sure, if you're totally snow-blind,” Hayworth said. “There is a grain of truth, maybe a snowflake of truth in the numbers you just reported… I guess there's been something like 12,000 jobs allegedly created by that snow job of a stimulus plan… Government cannot create the jobs."

Varney said, "We are told reliably, that in this new jobs bill, there is some tax incentive, tax credit for small business… Would you throw that out with everything else?”

Apparently, Hayworth would. He said, "The favorite tool of the left is to make small businesspeople hop on their left foot, squint, and pat their tummies, while at the same time paying out taxes in some other ways… The definition of bipartisanship in the Senate is the conservatives caving in to what the liberals want to do… Dick Durbin and Harry Reid have up their sleeves a bunch of make-work Democrat projects that really don't create jobs in the long term." He added that it's "so we can see more Cook-County-type accounting from the Department of Labor."

Varney laughed at that.

Then Varney gave Hayworth another chance to plug his candidacy by asking, “Are you officially running against John McCain?”

"The official announcement will come next Monday," Hayworth replied. You can monitor the website (he reiterated the URL). Yes, it will come next Monday… I tell you what, with the snow in Washington, come on out to Arizona for the announcement, OK?"

Just then, at the perfect moment, as though they were prepared in advance, the producers put up the chyron that read, "Hayworth expected to take on McCain in AZ Senate race,”

Varney was all smiles. "You’re great."