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Tucker Carlson Hosts Christian, Gay Baiting Attack On Obama Advisor

Reported by Priscilla - February 9, 2010 -

Conservative Christians do not like Harry Knox. Knox, an openly gay man, serves on President Obama’s Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnership Program. And in addition to the sin of being gay, Knox is also the director of the Religion and Faith program at the Human Rights Campaign (one of those “gay agenda” groups so feared and loathed by Jesus’ BFF’s) After Pope Benedict XVI spoke out against the distribution of condoms in AIDS ravaged Africa, Knox was one of many who criticized the Pope. He has also committed the mortal sin of criticizing the Catholic Knights of Columbus, who were in up to their eyeballs in California’s Prop 8 Campaign. And because he’s not beating his breast while saying “Mea Maxima Culpa,” the religious right is indignant and is demanding that the President fire Knox who, presumably, is heading straight for a swim in the “lake of fire.” Tucker Carlson, filling in for Sean Hannity, provided a sacred space for two outraged Christians to talk trash about Mr. Knox.

Friday (February 5th), famous “dick,” Tucker Carlson interviewed Fox fave, professional persecuted Christian, general scold, head of the conservative Media Research Center, and William Buckley nephew Brent Bozell. (While Buckley was a Catholic conservative, he was a sophisticated intellectual who was open to many ideas – his nephew, not so much.). Bozell, who recently whined about the evil TV show “Family Guy,” is on a major whine about Harry Knox – a whine that is reinforced by his conservative love children at Bozell’s “Newsbusters’ where every utterance by Knox is met by howls of righteous Christian indignation. The other person interviewed by Carlson was somebody from the Human Rights Campaign – Just Kidding!!!! In the spirit of unfair and unbalanced, the other guest was the founder of the Catholic blog, “American Papist.” Thomas Peters. Carlson showed a video of Knox being questioned about whether he still thinks that the pope "is hurting people in the name of Jesus…” Knox replied in the affirmative and when the questioner asked about other research that supported the Pope, Knox said that this research is incorrect. Not surprisingly Carlson noted that “many Christians are outraged" and have signed an open letter to Obama demanding that Knox be fired. Carlson, also outraged, asked how a church that has done so much for people could be seen as “hurting” them. Peters praised the charity work of the Catholic church and said that this “isn’t the first time” that Knox has said something “outrageously wrong.” When Carlson asked Bozell if Knox has a “history of this,” Bozell launched straight into a homophobic attack: “He's an activist homosexual who hates the Catholic Church.” (As opposed to Christian activists who hate gays?) According to Bozell, Knox has said that the Catholic Church is “guilty of behavior that is insulting to Jesus…” (Uh, enabling pedophilia isn’t insulting to Jesus? Who knew!) Bozell cited Knox’s comment that the KofC are the “foot soldiers in the discredited army of oppression.” Carlson, who works for a network that specializes in “dividing” Americans asked why Obama would select such a divisive person. Peters agreed and said that Obama needs to fire Knox. Bozell joined the amen chorus and gave the audience the website for signing on to a petition to fire Knox because “the Obama administration just doesn’t care about Catholics.” Peters, echoing Cal Thomas, said that the “last acceptable prejudice” is against Catholics. (Funny, prejudice against Islam seems to be the norm in the right wing Christian community and particularly on Fox and Fox Nation!) Not surprisingly, Catholic Peters claimed that there is “a large body of evidence” supporting the Pope. There was some rich irony in Carlson’s statement that “dismissing people who disagree with you as crazy…that’s an unreasonable position.” (Like “liberal loons?”) In speaking of how Obama needs Catholic votes, Carlson dismissed Knox as an “anti-Catholic nut."

Comment: The question to Knox was asked by a reporter from a conservative, Christian news service, CNS News. Knox was not rude to her; but merely stated that he’s not backing down from his criticism of the Pope, who was criticized by others who feel that his statements were irresponsible as well as inaccurate. The Christians who are attacking Knox for bigotry have some junk in their trunk which could raise the issue of hypocrisy. Phyllis Schlafly said that married women cannot be raped by their husbands. Homophobe Bill Donahue, head of the Catholic League, rails against secular and Hollywood Jews who “hate Catholics.” Not only is the Pope fighting against a proposed “human rights” law in Britain on grounds that it will give special rights to gays; but he refused to sign the UN resolution calling for the decriminalizing of homosexuality. Thus, Knox’s criticism that the Vatican (a sovereign political entity) sends a message that violence against gays in acceptable, is understandable. But you didn’t hear that on Fox.

Carlson’s interview was full of the requisite Christian right talking points. My hope would be that, at some point, a Knox defender could be interviewed. Perhaps Fox could interview Newt Gingrich’s openly gay sister, Candace Gingrich, who defends Knox. She could be talking about Fox News when she talks about “those who rely on distorted messages of faith to incite fear and justify discrimination. Right-wing voices like my brother's use faith to manipulate people into voting against their interests by scapegoating the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.” Indeed, bigots and homophobes have sanctuary at Fox News – the church of the poisoned mind.