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Fox Host Jarrett Distorts Facts on "News" Program to Focus On Fear-Mongering

Reported by Julie - February 9, 2010 -

Guest Blogged by Nayef

On America's Newsroom, allegedly part of Fox' "news" lineup and not opinion programming, John Bolton was invited to drum up fears about Iran. The distortion, however, was actually the work of host Gregg Jarrett, and not Bolton. Jarrett "quoted" a report during his questioning about the nuclear weapons program. He stated: "I want to read from the IAEA report of October 4: Iran has sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device." With video.

In fact -- not that facts matter on Fox, whether news or opinion -- Jarrett's quote is NOT in the report. This line was, in fact, contained in a document called the "secret annex," which contains classified information obtained by the IAEA -- BUT NOT VERIFIED. As reported by The Cable/Foreign Policy, "The classified information, which was collected as part of the IAEA's annual volume on Iran but never made the final cut, claims to prove that Iran "has sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device . . . ."

This piece of information was not in the report because "it wasn't verifiable enough to release, according to the organization's Washington representative" -- and yet, on this Most Trusted News Network, a Fox host gets two important facts wrong: First, he claimed something was contained in the IAEA report that was not, and of course failed to disclose that this allegation is not a verified fact.

Moving on, Jarrett and Bolton agreed that not much will come out of sanctions because of Russia and China -- except that, also, is untrue. While Jarrett wanted embargo to "choke" Iran economically -- despite feigned concern for the welfare of Iran's civilian population during the disputed elections of last year -- it appears that it's all good to "choke" Iran economically, as well. Considering how Iraq's population suffered under the "choke," one can only ask if that's what Jarrett and Bolton want for Iran's civilian population as well.

The UN sanctions of the 1990’s hurt the Iraqi people directly. The literacy rate stood at 78% in 1977 and 87% for females by 1985. Sanctions and ensuing poverty prevented a lot of parents from being able to send their kids to school, and cities had fewer financial ability to build more schools, which meant that by 2000, 23.7% of primary school age children dropped out of school. Infant mortality rate also increased sharply, from 47 per 1000 before the sanctions to 108 per 1000. Child mortality rate also increased from 56 to 131 per 1000. Though casualty estimates differ, the least estimate is that 170,000 children lost their lives due to the sanctions, according to the “Project on Defense Alternatives” study in 2003.

But -- just in case anyone missed the war-mongering theme of the segment -- Jarrett asked, "Is military force probably in the end the only answer?" Bolton's answer did not disappoint: "There are two outcomes -- one is Iran gets nuclear weapons, the other is Israel or somebody uses military force . . . ." Put simply: It's war or doom.

One thing this pair didn't reveal to its viewers (and it's something I haven't heard stated on Fox): Iran's nuclear plan was started by the US. President Ford signed a pact in 1976 -- and none other than Dick Cheney was Chief of Staff at the time. Paul Wolfowitz was responsible for non-proliferation issues during that time too.

So once again, it's proven that on Fox, even on a "news" show, "they report what they decide" . . . depending on how the facts fit into their narrative for the day.