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Bill O’Reilly, Bernie Goldberg Laugh About Domestic Violence And Feminist “Bozos”

Reported by Priscilla - February 9, 2010 -

When word got out that “Focus on the Family,” a homophobic “Christian” group which opposes birth control as well as abortion, was spending huge bucks (after they laid off 800 employees!) on “pro-life” commercials, to be aired during the Super Bowl, those in the pro-choice community were very concerned. This “advocacy” signaled a change in policy by the network which, in the past, had refused to air this type of thing. And given the nature of the story, that football star and professional Christian Tim Tebow’s mother refused to have an abortion despite her doctor’s recommendation to do so, it was assumed that the commercial would be a blatant promotion of a religious view that was medically irresponsible. Given the nature of “Focus on the Family,” the concern was understandable. As it turned out, the ads were innocuous – something which the anti choice community is using to vilify the choice community as having created a “tempest in a teapot.” Not surprisingly, anti-choice spokesperson and award winner, Bill O’Reilly, in smearing those who continued to object to one of the ads, advanced this meme. But in addition to the personal attacks, Bill and his guest Bernie Goldberg ramped it up a notch by using the comments of those aforementioned critics as a basis for laughing about domestic violence.

As I said, the ads were not blatantly anti abortion. If one was not aware of the back story, one would have thought that Mary Steenburgen (just joking - but doesn't Pam Tebow look like Mary Steenburgen?) was talking about how much she loved her son, Tim Tebow. If one wanted to learn more, the information for “Focus on the Family” was available. On last night’s “Factor,” Bill ran the second ad in which Tim tackles his mother (ha, ha). After explaining the back story, he said: “This caused, I don’t know how to describe these groups, lets just say it’s not pro-choice so much, it’s beyond that. Pro-choice people don’t seem to have a problem with that. It’s really into the hard core, you better see it our way or else. They didn’t like it at all.” Bernie Goldberg affirmed the prevailing sentiment that “if you didn’t know there was a controversy about the ad, you wouldn’t think about a controversy.” Bernie thought the ad was "sweet.” Bill said that the intent of the ad was to “drive people to Focus on the Family.” Goldberg then read a comment, from Terry O’Neill, the President of NOW, who objected to the “celebration of violence against women in that commercial.” Bill chuckled and said that he would be playing that soundbite in “Pinheads and Patriots” in which Bill would call the president of NOW, a survivor of domestic violence, a “pinhead.” (Conservative Christian guys aren’t fans of NOW). Goldberg then smeared Jehmu Greene when he, between laughs, read her comment that the ad showed an undercurrent of violence against women. He claimed that “this is violence against intelligence” and claimed that these “feminists have jumped the shark” and “gone too far.” He continued his attack, “they are not serious people.” (Unlike Bill O’Reilly whose constant condemnation of Dr. Tiller contributed to a climate in which many “pro-life” types feel that his murder was justifiable homicide.”) Goldberg claimed that nobody will listen to these “bozos” when they have something serious to say. He asked how the Tebow tackle could be an example of violence. O’Reilly said that this is a “trend.” He could have been describing himself, Fox News, and teabaggers when he said that single issue groups, like PETA, “attack” those who think differently…and that it’s becoming more and more extreme.” (No shit, Sherlock – read “Townhalls”). He agreed with Goldberg that the Tebow ad was “just sweet” and had nothing to do with anything other than “here’s my story, if you’d like to hear it, you go to this website. I think that’s what America is all about. At least that’s what it used to be.”

Comment: As noted by O’Reilly, other pro-choice women didn’t have a problem with the ad. Frances Kissling, former President of Catholics for Choice,” said that "it's absurd to claim that this is an endorsement of violence against women.” But then O’Reilly did what he described as the tactics of those in left wing causes. He attacked those who “think differently” by painting the president of NOW and Jehmu Greene as ridiculous “extremists” – a view which damns with faint praise or praises with faint damns, those women who do agree with NOW and Jehmu Greene (whom Bill recently interviewed) who are obviously Bill’s target du jour.If pro choicers had little problem with the ad, why even bother with this segment other than to attack these two “radical feminist” women and other “radical feminists” (get the message? feminism is “radical”) who did have a problem with the “sweet ad.” And to make their point, they took their statements about domestic violence and made them a laughing matter. I guess these guys don’t either realize or don’t care about a very serious problem in our society. One suspects that this segment validated the sexism of Bill's male audience who, like Bill, think that modern women just "don't know their place." But don’t ya love it when too aging guys laugh about domestic violence!? Don’t ya love it when people get attacked in a format which does not provide for a rebuttal!? What a couple of “jokers!”