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Palin's New In-Home TV Studio - Compliments of Fox

Reported by Julie - February 8, 2010 -

Okay, folks, the plot thickens. I know a lot of us in the blogosphere have been making bets on how long Palin will be tolerated on Fox -- I mean, seriously, even Fox has its standards. Sort of. But the fact, as recently reported by the NY Times, that Palin will soon have a television studio built in her living room in Wasilla, compliments of Fox News, sort of puts the lie to the notion that her tenure on Fox will be short-lived.

I can think of a few reasons Fox might do this -- none of them altruistic. The obvious one, that they are trying to afford Palin the honor of appearing on Fox without actually traveling to the lower 48, seems a little too . . . nice for Fox. What I'm thinking is that, if Palin makes a run at the presidency in 2012, Fox will have an opportunity to kind of back her as a candidate without actually backing her as a candidate -- although, with the new Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance, I guess it could throw gobs of dollars at her (although it would have to disclose its spending). As reported by ABC in October 2007, when reporting on Stephen Colbert's potential "joke" candidacy, ". . . [N]o precedent exists for a television network promoting and fostering a candidacy of one of its own talk-show hosts, said Lawrence M. Noble, a former general counsel for the Federal Election Commission . . . ."

Noble also said, " . . . [I]t would pretty clearly violate the law for the owner of a cable station to decide to give a talk show -- or otherwise hand over editorial control of a program -- to a favored candidate."

Except, as we all know, Fox would be very capable of trying an end-run if it turns out that the FEC frowns on such endorsements. Look, we've got GOP has-beens galore on Fox -- Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Dick Morris and now Sarah Palin. If this doesn't highlight in neon Fox News' bias, I don't know what does. And with a tv studio right there at home, Fox could do Greta-style interviews -- you know, Palin cooking moose stew, moose brownies, moose bread, while talking idly about national security and the economy -- and just call it a reality show.

I may have missed something, but I don't know of any other Fox contributors that Fox has provided such a nice set-up for. As a matter of fact, though they might be out there, I don't know of any other networks that provide this set-up for its contributors, hosts, or reporters.

As for the motive of Fox . . . I think it bears watching.

Editor's Note: Pat Buchanan is a commenter on MSNBC, not Fox, as was previously reported in this post.