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Is Cal Thomas Some Kind Of Joke?

Reported by Priscilla - February 7, 2010 -

“Fox News Watch” is a show in which four journalists discuss how the media is covering the news. At one time it was hosted by Eric Burns, a man whose passion for journalism inspired him to write a book about the “rowdy beginnings of American journalism.” And while he occasionally toed the “party line,” his replacement, John Scott, makes Mr. Burns look like Walter Cronkite. (Note – John Scott is not an alien). The “News Watch” panel is evenly divided between liberals (sometimes not so much) and conservatives who are represented, for the most part, by Jim Pinkerton and Cal Thomas. Jim is predictably conservative. Thomas is conservative in the sense of being a relic from a different age. He is an uber Christian conservative who has more of a problem with teh gay than Bill O’Reilly does. And like all homophobes, he says some really strange things that don’t seem to reflect the objectivity that a “journalist” should have. But as comic relief and occasional sartorial splendor – Cal Thomas is priceless!!!

Cal Thomas is the very model of a model conservative Christian resident of bizarro world. He doesn’t think Barack Obama is a true Christian and has even referred to him as a false prophet. And like many in the whacky world of right wing Christianity, his Christianity includes intolerance towards homosexuals; i.e. homophobia. Thomas, who does occasionally sport gaily colored shirts, weighs in on same sex marriage: “They have attacked American traditions at their strongest points, from the military, to pressuring Disney to allow "gay days" at their amusement parks, to marriage.” (Ah, the old “clustered” gays argument so beloved by Bill O’Reilly!). He claims that same sex marriage violates “God’s idea.” (which for Old Testament dudes included one man and lots of booty!). And as far as gays being allowed to serve in the military – Fagettaboutit!!!

Thomas states that “the military should not be a test lab” because many heterosexuals find homosexual behavior immoral.” ( As opposed to the heterosexual sexual harassment in the miltiary, Cal?) For Cal it’s all about that “gay agenda:” “The gays in the military and gay marriage issues are part of a broader attempt by liberals to restructure society.” Poor Cal obviously doesn’t realize societies, in which gays serve openly in the military, haven’t come crashing down. Thus, Thomas’ comments during Saturday’s “Fox News Watch,” regarding the recent recommendation by military top brass that the process be started for gays to openly serve in the military, came as no surprise. While the chyron read, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal, Is Press Including All Sides?" (There is another “side?”) Scott asked his panel about the press coverage. Not surprisingly, Scott referenced how the evil NY Times had the coverage in the upper right hand corner. Ellis Henican said that DADT is the “last bastion of officially sanctioned prejudice” and that it is about to change is “a pretty good story.” Thomas then contributed his opinion and it didn’t disappoint. Typical right wing “persecuted Christian,” Thomas said "the last bastion of officially sanctioned precedent” (wrong word Cal) "is Roman Catholics and Evangelical Christians.” (Hey, Cal if you’re fired, from a job, because of your religion, you have Civil Rights laws on your side. If you’re booted from the military because you’re gay, you currently have no recourse. And BTW, Cal, conservative Christians aren’t shy about verbally persecuting gays). Cal continued his homophobic rant: “The NY Times is a wholly owned subsidiary of the gay rights movement. Vin Sulzberger is the publisher.” His voice rising in intensity, Thomas said “day after day there are stories, columns, editiorials on the entertainment page, on the business page, on the front page pushing a pro gay rights agenda. That’s just a fact, an observable, provable fact.” Thomas failed to site any stories which “pushed” a gay rights agenda. Kirsten Powers said that she didn’t see what’s wrong with supporting gay rights to which Scott asked ,“the coverage?” While she argued in favor of gay rights, the chyron about “all sides” ran again. She noted how the other side would be arguing about denying rights. In a moment of spit out all liquid in mouth, Scott said “doesn’t the coverage seem to be taking a position?” (Oh, the irony!). Pinkerton said that coverage was favorable during the Clinton administration but this time the Obama administration got the military top brass on board and that in terms of coverage, Obama knew what he was doing.

Comment: “All sides?” So if Fox had been around in the days before the Civil War, they would have recommended that the defenses of slavery and emancipation be given equal time? Go figure! But Cal Thomas was on message. Poor Cal, in a redux of the old John Birch meme that the commies are everywhere (which Thomas probably still believes) the gay agenda is an encroaching menace that threatens to undermine the world as we know it. And while Cal’s bizarre and homophobic world view is amusing, it’s also sad and rather disgusting….