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Glenn Beck Has “A Hard Time, Honestly, Feeling Bad For California”

Reported by Ellen - February 6, 2010 -

Glenn Beck, the guy who loves his country so much he’d cry for it, seems to be a bit more selective in his affection than he has previously let on. On yesterday’s (2/5/10) Glenn Beck show, our host brought his special brand of divisiveness, previously reserved (as far as I knew) to pitting his viewers against progressives, Democrats and Obama supporters, to pitting his viewers against progressive states. It was a two chalkboard show. Presumably the figures on the chalkboards, which Beck devoted scant time to actually reviewing, “proved” that states with conservative policies have sound financial footings. Yet Beck undercut his own theory by announcing at the beginning of the show that “right now 48 states are in real trouble.” He added, “There’s a big difference between states that will almost always be at risk for going under and then those that are better able to weather the storm. That’s based on progressive, progressive policies.” In other words, his own theory was mostly based on conjecture. Nevertheless, Beck and his guest singled out California for repeated attack, arguing that the state’s financial woes were due to its progressive policies, specifically its progressive income tax. With video.

Beck held up California as his poster child for progressive ruin and Texas as the poster child for conservative salvation (even though he admitted, at about 2:00 into this video, that it’s second in terms of debt and even though guest Josh Barro admitted that Texas has done well “partly because the industries that are focused in Texas happened to have weathered the recession better than average”). Then, at about 8:30 into the first video below, Beck said, “I have a hard time, honestly, feeling bad for California. I actually – when I think about California getting bailed out, it makes me a little angry. I’ve always wanted to live in California. I think California’s beautiful. Love it. But the people that are running the damn state are insane… Tell me why the rest of the country should bail California out.”

His guest, Troy Senik, said, “They shouldn’t. I think that’s a perfectly legitimate reaction.”

In the second video below, Beck said, (at about 55 seconds in) “California – everybody agree that’s gonna be the first state to collapse? … It’s just gonna keep coming unhinged until we might as well take a star off the flag because the federal government will be running it, right?”

It wasn’t long before Beck revealed that his beef with California and other progressive states lay with the progressive income tax. One can just imagine how multi-millionaire Beck is kept awake at night obsessing over how people less deserving than he might wind up with his money.

Some clues to Beck's concerns arose as Beck looked on with rapt approval as his guest, Scott Hodge, said, “We rely more heavily on our wealthy Americans than any (other country). Now, California is even more extreme. 84 cents out of every dollar of income tax collected in California comes from households earning over $100,000 a year. Families earning under $50,000 pay 2% of the state’s income taxes… They have this vast class of people in that state that are essentially disconnected from the cost of government. As a result, they will demand ever more services… because they have passed (the cost) to someone else higher up the food chain.”

Beck asked, “How happy were the (California) state officials when they thought universal health care was coming so they could take all of the illegal immigrants off of any kind of – you know, they’d get all the hospitals and everything paid for by the federal government… Didn’t (the federal government) just pick up the prison system in California, too?”

Let's see progressive income taxes (in California and raised by the federal government) are paying for poor people, illegal immigrants and prisons. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that people of color make up a large part of those populations.

Beck announced that all next week he'll be in California and plans to meet with at least one liberal. Will he choose someone like Arianna Huffington, who last week challenged Fox News about Beck's violent language? Or will he choose some phony liberal, like "Democrat" Pat Caddell.