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Nothing Says Bill O’Reilly And Glenn Beck Like A “F#*k Obama” T-Shirt

Reported by Priscilla - February 5, 2010 -

The reviews of the Glenn Beck/Bill O’Reilly “Bold Fresh” tour indicate that it’s just more of the same old, same old conservative hatred couched in “comedy.” Glenn Beck made hilarious jokes about Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgery. Bill O’Reilly, for whom any black neighborhood is scary, did a side splitting comparison of Chicago’s Southside to Haiti. As reinforcement of the divide, which Fox News seeks to foster between “real” Americans and those evil seditious libruls, it was very effective propaganda played to a very simpatico audience. And not only do the fans shout their bigoted, hateful opinions - they literally wear them!

Celebrity demographics are predictable. Adolescent girls love Miley Cyrus. Older folks are fond of Tony Bennett. And the “Bold Fresh” groupies are, not surprisingly, conservative teabagger types who hate the president and who treat the words of Beck and O’Reilly as gospel truth. As one observer, obviously an imbiber of Beck Kool-Aid, put it: “The audience sides with Beck, who sees the Obama administration as part of a socialist/progressive conspiracy to control our lives that began with one of the Roosevelts.” Obviously, the comedy duo knows their bigoted audience; as references to Oprah Winfrey were booed while the crowd laughed over a “joke” about how if Medicare (socialized medicine?) rates were reduced “some guy from Punjab would be your doctor.” (Gotta love that family values nativism! The baby Jesus must be smiling.) At the mention of the ACLU, a First Amendment hater yelled “Fuck them.” (Do they know that Rush and Hannity were defended by the hated ACLU?) This stuff was red meat for the mostly white pitchfork crowd. The shouts which rang out from the audience, after Beck’s mention of Obama, lead one to believe that in times past, Beck would have been happily leading a Jim Crow mob on their way to the orchard where "strange fruit" grew. It was no surprise that those in the audiences are Fox fans. Sarah Michaels said that Beck and O’Reilly "are honest and they're real, and they report everything. They don't leave things out." (Right, lots of hateful propaganda and conspiracies with reality left out!) But the piece de resistance was her husband Martin Michaels (53), a former electrician (what, no “present” occupation?), who “lumbered” (LOL! Wonder if he a “real American” supersize me kind of guy?) about “in a black T-shirt with "F___ You Obama" emblazoned in large, white capital letters.” He explained that Obama is going to ruin the country. Classy guy!

One wonders what Bill O’Reilly would think about this disrespect toward the president – given that Bill attacked rappers Jay Z and Jeezy for their “fuck Bush” lyrics at an inaugural party last year. Bill told Dennis Miller, "The civility level that Obama is trying to bring to the discourse, is destroyed by these people." Would Bill be willing to say that Mr. Michaels is destroying the civility level? I know that he’s not willing to admit that Glenn Beck, whose racially tinged conspiracies are far more insidious as anything Rosie O’Donnell has ever said, is a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to political civility. I guess it all depends who is doing the destroying. Black rappers bad – white teabaggers good. I’m no fashionista; but I must say that Mr. Michaels fashion statement was hardly subtle –although he was “making it work!” The “Bold/Fresh Tour” – civility and patriotism at its finest.


"Bold Fresh" tour audience?