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Cavuto Forgets How Fox News Was Blaming Clinton For Bush’s Problems

Reported by Ellen - February 5, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

For the second time in three days on Wednesday (2/3/10), Neil Cavuto focused on President Obama referring to the Bush 43 years as a context for where we are today. Cavuto acknowledged to his guest, Douglas Brinkley, presidential historian, that Obama might have “a legitimate case” for “play(ing) the blame game.” But then Cavuto immediately added, ”I just don't think it sounds Presidential."

Brinkley got right with the Fox News program of criticizing Obama. "I think it's a mistake in policy at this juncture. It used to be, for example, Ronald Reagan could beat up on Jimmy Carter's legacy back in the 80's because the news cycle wasn't so fast. To be this far into 2010, and have President Obama still evoking George Bush, and the problem is he’s, I think, spending too much time trying not to be George Bush. He had made campaign promises on Iraq, on Gitmo...and then there's a kind of a reneg." Brinkley said Obama is using a "kind of malaise approach. He needs to stop putting blame on other people…Yesterday, he criticized Las Vegas, don’t spend your money in Las Vegas... It was lot like Carter saying keep your lights off."

Comment: Obama did not say, ‘Don’t spend your money in Las Vegas.’ He said, “You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.” He wasn't picking on Vegas, just reckless gamblers who throw away money.

Cavuto did not correct Brinkley. Instead, Cavuto went on to compare Obama unfavorably to Teddy Roosevelt and added that Obama "doesn't feel like the real populist."

Brinkley said Obama should "not be pointing fingers at the American people but inspire some kind of new leadership."

Cavuto seemed pleased as he ended the interview, saying, “Douglas, great seeing you.”

Comment: Cavuto has changed his tune a bit. In May, 2006, six years after Bill Clinton left office, Cavuto was happy to assign him blame for the Enron debacle, and for the scandals at Tyco, Adelphia, and WorldCom, too. And when Cavuto wasn’t blaming Clinton, other people at Fox News were. Can there be any doubt that if Obama were a Republican taking over from a Democrat, that Cavuto would be happy to keep “playing the blame game” until the end of the term?