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On Hannity, Richard Miniter “Asks” If Obama Reflects On Islamic Scripture

Reported by Ellen - February 3, 2010 -

Sean Hannity’s latest effort to find any excuse whatsoever to attack President Obama was over a clip of Obama saying that he starts each morning reflecting on a devotional received from Josh DuBois, head of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. That led Hannity to baselessly speculate that DuBois might be “a replacement for Jeremiah Wright.” Seizing on the fact that Obama mentioned that sometimes the passage includes quotes from other faiths, guest Richard Miniter asked, “The question is, what are the other faiths? Is he talking about Islam?” The sad thing is that nobody bothered to find out more information. It was obvious that Hannity and the Fox News producers only wanted to raise the question - and thus cast suspicion on Obama - instead of actually informing the viewers. That said, guest Kirsten Powers did a nice job of smacking down the attacks on Obama’s faith. With video.

“Looks like we might have a replacement for Jeremiah Wright,” Hannity said snidely at the beginning of the segment, which was Part 2 of the night’s “Great American Panel.”

Hannity played a video of Obama saying in an interview that he receives on his Blackberry every day a devotional from DuBois, Obama added, “That’s how I start my morning. He has got a passage - Scripture, in some cases, quotes from other faiths, to reflect on.”

DuBois is a young Pentecostal pastor who, as Time reported, helped engineer Obama's participation in Rick Warren's Presidential Forum during the campaign, as well as the decision to tap the Saddleback church pastor for Obama's Inaugural invocation. He hardly sounds like a radical. Yet Hannity and Miniter, instead of doing any research about DuBois to inform their suspicions, painted him as either another Wright or a Muslim.

Hannity continued, “If he ever says ‘GD America’ or ‘America’s chickens have come home to roost,’ we won’t know about it.”

Powers moaned, “Why… can’t you let go of it? It’s so long ago!”

Miniter said, “Sean, the question is, what are the other faiths? Is he talking about Islam?”

“Who cares if he’s talking about Islam?” Powers countered.

Miniter walked a half step back from what he was obviously insinuating. “Every president has had a personal relationship with God and for him to say, ‘Well some days it’s Buddha, some days it’s Jesus.’ It’s kind of strange."

The third panelist, Republican Noelle Nikpour, said, “It’s his way of being politically correct.”

Powers also did a good job of swatting aside the accusations that Obama is somehow spiritually deficient for not belonging to a church.