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Got Homophobia? Bill O”Reilly Doesn’t Want Gays In The Military To Be “Coming Out”

Reported by Priscilla - February 3, 2010 -

As a heterosexual “traditionalist,” Bill O’Reilly, an unrepentant accused heterosexual harasser (as befitting his “traditionalism”), does seem to have a problem with teh gay. Who could forget his classic comments about the dangers of “clustered gays,” how gay marriage will lead to interspecies marriage, and his expose of lesbian gangs. He doesn’t want gays “intruding” in the NY St. Patrick’s Day Parade because of what children will see. (Gay folks marching in a parade – eww, does it make you scared, Bill?) US Military brass are now urging the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” This was the first subject of last week's (January 28th) “Culture War” segment during which he said that he “had no beef with gays in the military” except for a bunch of caveats that exposed Bill’s “Freudian slip” (a manly white.) In articulating the arguments of those in the military, whom Bill claims are “uncomfortable” with gays, Bill also provided the requisite right wing talking points which, one suspects, coincide with what appears to be a bit of homophobia on Bill’s part and which eventually “came out.”

Bill started off mellow: “Does anybody care about don’t ask, don’t tell anymore?” Margaret Hoover referenced how gays serve openly in other world armies and that her generation has become more acculturated to the concept. In his best casual voice, Bill, after saying that he didn’t really care, went to demonstrate that he does care. He said that the only way he cares about this is “if the military would say “look, in our culture with the military recruiting mostly conservative people, that who goes to the military (all the polls show that) traditional military families. They’re not comfortable with openly gay people in the barracks. I think that’s a moral issue that is a legitimate issue.” Fox Business News commentator, Cheryl Casone, “brought it” to Bill when she vehemently said that she thought these people are just going to have to deal with that. She referenced the 10,500 military who quit or were removed from military service (between 1997 and 2008) as a result of the policy and said “give me a break.” In an “oh, no he didn’t moment,” Bill said “that wasn’t that many.” Casone articulately and forcefully asserted that these are people who are “protecting us by stopping terrorists from coming into my backyard and you’re going to kick them out because they are gay.” (You go girl!) Hoover mentioned that among those who were kicked out were those translating Arabic. Casone said that it was “ridiculous.” Hoover also said that she took issue with Bill’s claim about conservatives in the military because there is a difference between social and fiscal conservatives and that doesn’t mean that they’re anti gay. For the second time Bill referenced “polling” when he said that he has seen polls that say that "it’s not about being anti-gay, it’s about being uncomfortable in the barracks.” (Scuse me Bill, that’s anti-gay.) For the third time he cited “polling which shows most military people don’t want openly gay people.” Casone said that discomfort with gays is still in the greater society and the “military is going to have to…” Bill talked over and revealed that he either lied or misspoke earlier in the segment when he said that “he didn’t care” about the issue other than what the military should be saying about military conservatives being uncomfortable with gays. Bill does care – a lot – about this issue: “I never objected to Bill Clinton’s vision. “Don’t ask, Don’t tell, was OK, just don’t talk about it. Don’t be coming out or whatever.”

Comment: So Bill doesn’t that that, in a time of war, service men and women are leave or are forced to leave the military because of their sexual orientation. Actually, according the the LA Times, 13,500 have been discharged. They also note: “According to the Government Accountability Office, nearly 800 of them had "critical skills," including more than 60 Arabic speakers. In the meantime, the military has granted an increasing number of "moral waivers" to ex-convicts and drug abusers to fill slots in a force stretched thin by two wars.” So no big whoop, right Bill? It is also noted that despite the “polls” (which O’Reilly didn’t identify), the biggest moral issue is the current policy and not the presence of gays as it “undermines trust and integrity …by mandating dishonesty” – a point made by Admiral Michael Mullen. The article also cites the taxpayer dollars being wasted on enforcing the policy and finding troop replacements. The Washington Post underscores what Margaret Hoover said about her generation: “For many younger members of the military - those doing the bulk of the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq - it's hardly a debate at all. Polls show they care little about sexual orientation in their ranks.” Gays are currently in the barracks (in submarines, on the battlefield, etc.) right now so this for Bill to claim that “conservative” service people are “uncomfortable” is disingenuous. Jason Jonas, a wounded warrior, says that the presence of gays, in his unit did not affect morale and that "I don't think it is anybody's right to say who can and who can't fight for their country…” Obviously Bill O’Reilly, who doesn’t seem to understand that if a soldier mentions that he or she went to a gay bar (never mind “coming out”) that could be grounds for dismissal, would beg to differ. According to Bill, who never served, it’s OK to fight and die for your country – just don’t be “coming out about it.”