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Fox Nation Attacks Julian Bond’s “Hate Speech” While Ignoring Its Own

Reported by Priscilla - January 31, 2010 -

In a race baiting thread which, like all the Fox Nation threads involving race, seeks to encourage vile commentary towards President Obama and African Americans, Fox Nation has a lede headline which asks “Will Pres. Obama Condemn NAACP Hate Speech.” It doesn’t get much more – ah – ironic than this considering that this is a blog which provides a platform for those who wish that President Obama were dead and those who describe President Obama and his wife in the most crude and racist terms. And while Fox Nation tolerates bigotry, they seem to think that when African Americans remark on the racism that is certainly prevalent in the USA (see Fox Nation) they’re being racist. That Fox Nation thinks we live in a "post racial" society is a testament to their delusional thinking which obviously includes a lot of denial! It’s truly bizarro world at its best – or worst, considering the tone of the discourse which, contrary to the Fox Nation “statement of purpose,” is hardly civil. It gets even more bizarre as the Fox Nation headline is the title of a linked article on a blogspot run by a “character” from the movie “Red Dawn.”

Yep, it’s true. Forget World Net Daily, NewsMax, and Frontpage Rag (whoops Mag) as source for radical right wing news about truth, justice, and the American way. The videos and commentary for the Fox Nation thread are from what seems to be a brand new blogspot, JedEckert.com. – complete with a little photo from the movie, starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, which deals with an invasion of the US by the evil “commies.” So good-bye John Galt and hello “Jed Eckert” (the Patrick Swayze character) who seems to the hero of the anonymous author of a very right wing and race baiting blogspot. “Eckert’s” criticism of Julian Bond’s speech, at the NAACP convention, is quite the journalistic tour de force. It has been picked up by the right wing blog “Soda head” which asks if Julian Bond is “biased.” (Somewhere Jefferson Davis is smiling).

Julian Bond is a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement - a time when the intellectual grandpappies of Fox Nation readers were beating and murdering blacks who were fighting for the right to be full American citizens. He helped start the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and was the first president of the Southern Poverty Law Center –an organization that tracks the hate groups which the Fox Nation folks probably belong to and which is why many, in the right wing, revile it! But now, it’s “Jed Eckert” who feels that Mr. Bond, chairman of the NAACP was being much too “uppity” when he dared to criticize those fine, unbiased folks known as teabaggers: “We saw hate on display this summer, in town halls and tea parties, subsidized by corporations and their well funded fear machine across the country. Our politics have been poisoned by armed and paranoid self-described patriots drawn from the Taliban wing of American politics, a true fright wing. Once called birchers, now called birthers, spreading lies, and spreading myths.” (“Red Dawn was so John Birch). Perhaps Mr. “Eckert” didn’t see the crude racist signs at the teabagging events and maybe he doesn’t know about the swastika painted on the door of an African American Georgia Congressman after a raucous town hall meeting. Bond, whom “Eckert” compared to Rev. Wright, stated that “now race has been added to the brew, greatly increasing its toxicity. The real issue for many opponents today is that we now have a president that they believe is guilty of governing while black.” “Eckert” thinks that this comment is “akin to burning a akin to burning a cross on the White House lawn.” Right, cross burnings by the KKK are the same as a black veteran of the Civil Rights Movement saying that racism is a part of the resistance to Obama. So now, Julian Bond and Barack Obama are racists. All I can say to this movie character who is soooo offended by any reference to the racism that is still prevalent in this country (See Fox Nation) is “On what planet do you spend most of your time?”

So to conclude, I give Mr. Eckert some examples of the race baiting ignorance that he thinks is mythical and which columns, like his, serve to inflame. Funny, I thought conservatives don’t like it when minorities “play the victim.” Fox Nation sure has a lot of persecuted, angry white folks – kinda sounds like the Teabaggers – but wait I’m being a racist….




No racism here. Nothing to see, move along.