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Dennis Kucinich Wants Earlier Age For Collecting Social Security

Reported by Guest Blogger - January 29, 2010 -

Guest blogged by Brian

Rep. Dennis Kucinich. (D-OH) visited yesterday’s (1/28/10) Your World where he proposed to let people collect Social Security at age 60. If people retire earlier, Kucinich, reasoned, that would free up jobs in the work force. Instead of exploring the viability of the idea, Cavuto made it a debate (like nearly everything on Fox News), albeit in good humor, and offered up the ol’ GOP argument in return: Tax cuts are what’s needed. With video.

Cavuto told Kucinich, "I love you dearly, Congressman, but this sounds nutty. It sounds like get rid of the geezers, slap ‘em on Social Security, so we can hire young people… You’re politely pushing them off a clip."

"It’s not mandatory,” Kucinich explained. “Some people work in very tough jobs for their whole lives, and even at age 60, they may become a little bit worn.”

Cavuto said, "But Social Security's broke, Congressman… There are fewer people paying into Social Security for those getting Social Security, so now they're going to be fewer still, right."

Kucinich argued, "It's accounted for." When Cavuto challenged that, Kucinich added, “The money to do it comes from two sources. There's over $200 billion left in funds that have not been used in bailout funds, OK? This is going to cost, literally, a few billion dollars to make this happen."

"You just found another use for TARP?" Cavuto said, snarkily.

"You could create a million job openings," Kucinich said.

Cavuto argued, "Wouldn't you create more jobs, Congressman, if you cut taxes enough, or business taxes enough or incentivize business enough… thereby negating the need for you to push Grandma into retirement?” He later added, "You might be encouraging a brain drain."

"It only relates to people who would like to do it… Performing a service for those workers who want to take a break," Kucinich said.

Comment: Why would Cavuto deny people early retirement? Kucinich repeatedly said the plan would not be mandatory. Has Cavuto ever complained about private companies pushing people to take early retirement?