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After Accusing Democrats Of Not Loving America Enough, Ingraham Boasts About How Much She Loved Justice Alito’s “Joe Wilson Moment”

Reported by Ellen - January 29, 2010 -

Laura Ingraham visited The O’Reilly Factor last night (1/28/10) to discuss President Obama’s State of the Union speech the night before. Ingraham first flaunted what she obviously thought proved her patriotic spirit – by taking a swipe at Democrats, saying she loved how President Obama talked about American greatness, adding that “Democrats need to talk more” about that. But shortly thereafter, Ms. “We Should Talk Up America” didn’t even notice the irony as she extolled Justice Samuel Alito’s serious breach of protocol in dissing the president. “I love the Joe Wilson moment,” she said. With video.

At about 2:28 into the video below, Ingraham allowed as how “the best part” of Obama’s speech (after Bill O’Reilly turned down her first choice of “Good night and God Bless America”), was “when he said, ‘America will never settle… for being Number Two behind China and India.’ …I love hearing a Democrat president talk about American greatness and how we want to be Number One. We should be Number One. I love that. If that was paired up with actual policy initiatives… I would be cheering. …I love the fact that he said that. I think Democrats need to talk more about American greatness.”

Then, after claiming she did not mind Obama’s critical words about the recent Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC, she added, “He factually misrepresented the case.” She singled out the possibility of foreign contributions affecting our elections as at least one of the supposed falsehoods. But, as Media Matters pointed out, four Supreme Court justices agreed with Obama’s interpretation.

But then, Ms. “I Love To Love America” went on to cheerlead Justice Alito’s serious breach of protocol. “I love Justice Alito… I love the Joe Wilson moment.”

“I think that was a normal reaction,” O’Reilly said, referring to Alito shaking his head and muttering, on camera (which he knew or should have known would be focusing on the Supreme Court contingent at that moment), “not true.”

Nobody mentioned that, as AOL News noted, "Alito's reaction was a sharp break from the unwritten rule of Supreme Court etiquette at presidential addresses to Congress. Justices rarely applaud even the most uncontroversial of presidential remarks. None of the other justices in attendance tonight, including Chief Justice John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy, the author of the campaign finance opinion, showed any visible reaction while seated in the court's usual front row seats at the annual event."

Apparently, Ms. Ingraham’s standard for loving America is: Democrats should say nothing bad about the country but Republicans can smear Democrats all they like.