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Fox Is The "Most Trusted Name In News" If You're A Republican

Reported by Ellen - January 28, 2010 -

Not surprisingly, we've gotten a lot of mail about the recent Public Policy Polling poll that supposedly shows Fox as "the most trusted" news network. But you don't have to be a pollster or a statistician to look between the lines and realize that that applies to Republicans, only.

Tom Jensen, at PPP writes,

Predictably there is a lot of political polarization in which outlets people trust. 74% of Republicans trust Fox News, but no more than 23% trust any of the other four sources. We already knew that conservatives don't trust the mainstream media but this data is a good prism into just how deep that distrust runs.

For Democrats the numbers are a complete opposite- a majority trust all of ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC while only 30% have faith in Fox News. Continuing the trend in our polling over the last few months that independents hate everything, a plurality of them distrust all five outlets we looked at.

In other words, Democrats and independents, which were the majority of those polled (click on the "full results" link), do not have trust in Fox News. They spread their trust and mistrust around. But Republicans have strong mistrust for the other networks and strong trust for Fox.