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Fact Check Fox Tonight

Reported by Alex - January 27, 2010 -

If the advance billing at Fox Nation, FoxNews.com and other right-wing sites is anything to go by, the airwaves and blogosphere will erupt with lies and spin galore before, during, and after President Obama's State of the Union speech tonight (9 PM EST). The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are getting ready to push back hard by establishing a "Fact Check Fox" rapid response team for tonight - and you can help.

From the DCCC website:

Don't let the Republican hecklers at Fox News spin President Obama’s State of the Union speech. If you see Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity or any other right-wing pundit or Member of Congress twisting the truth, we need you to send it along so we can set them straight.

To join the mobile "Fact Check Fox" rapid response team, you can text DCCC to 35328 or click here to sign up at the web page. You will receive information about how you can alert the team via text message when you spot rightwing spin.

If you don't have a cell phone you can alert the team through FaceBook, Twitter, or via email at factcheckfox@dccc.org.

While this exercise is aimed squarely at - and meant to benefit - Democrats, you don't have to be a registered Democrat to take part. Nor do you have to report only on Fox - I'm sure information about lies being spread by other media sources will be most welcome. Given the woeful job so many Democrats have done against Fox and other radical right propaganda in the past, we can always hope that by helping to equip them with information we can help them up their game. And if you start getting unwanted begging letters from the DCCC afterwards you can always unsubscribe.

Here's hoping that President Obama finally takes the gloves off tonight and socks it to the Party of NO in no uncertain terms.