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Bill O’Reilly Compares Chicago’s South Side To Haiti

Reported by Priscilla - January 26, 2010 -

On Friday night, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck kicked off their “Bold Fresh Tour,” in Westbury NY – a comfortable Long Island community where Bill actually grew up as opposed to the more working class Levittown in where Bill did not grow up. From the few reviews that are available, the material of the show is predictable – Democrat, “Elite,” and Obama bashing; albeit with a dash of what passes for right wing “humor.” Beck thanked Jesus for the election of Scott Brown. (Didn’t know that Jesus was a Republican!). Working class hero, O’Reilly, talked about his blue collar background. But he also said something that was jawdroppingly offensive – as well as being inaccurate and possibly racist. He compared Chicago’s South Side to Haiti. The “Bold and Fresh” tour is heading south. One suspects that a line like that will play well with those audiences. What’s next for Bill? Comparing Detroit to deepest, darkest Africa????

H/T Media Matters

Bill talked about how Barack Obama is “very, very committed to the government.” (Yeah Bill, that’s the organization that maintains your mom’s social security and the care for those veterans that you claim to support.) He went on, “to the government, to the government, I don’t know how that’s possible. If you’ve ever been to the South Side of Chicago, I mean it’s a disaster. It’s like Haiti. I’ve been to Haiti and I supported some charities there…” He went on to say that Haiti doesn’t “have a system” and despite all the money spent on Haiti, “it doesn’t get any better.” He reiterated how Obama thinks “that the government can’t do it; but Obama really believes the government can do it.”

Although it has its share of problems – and what large urban center doesn’t! Chicago’s South Side is home to the University of Chicago. Urban renewal and “gentrification” are taking place with many of the crime ridden “projects” being torn down and replaced with more family friendly structures. In addition to a large minority population, the district is home to a Jewish and Irish American population. The South Side St. Patrick’s Day parade is said to be the largest neighborhood parade outside of Dublin. Yes, there is a high level of poverty in the South Side of Chicago – but it certainly can’t be compared to Haiti. Perhaps Bill should go to Chicago. He might make the same kind of discoveries there as he did when he learned, at NY Sylvia's Restaurant, that African Americans have table manners. What exactly was Bill O’Reilly trying to say? Was he inferring that government should not spend money in inner cities because it creates a permanent “welfare class” – a popular “conservative” meme? The Obamas own a home in Hyde Park, so was he trying to insult Obama? Who knows! But regardless of his intent, his comment was an insult to all those Americans who live in the Southside of Chicago which, thankfully, is not like Haiti. And I would like to think that Americans would not allow it to become like Haiti. Bill O’Reilly’s misinformed and offensive rhetoric just underscores his vile contempt for his fellow Americans. Once again, he proves that he is not a “patriot,” – but a pinhead with a huge overinflated head!

Bill O'Reilly touches a black person.