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Sean Hannity Wonders Why He’s Not Popular With African Americans

Reported by Ellen - January 25, 2010 -

During his “Great American Panel” segment Friday night (1/22/10), Sean Hannity, the guy who palled around with a white supremacist (currently facing federal and state charges for suggesting federal judges and state officials should be killed) and a guy with his own disturbing record on race, sounded genuinely perplexed when a guest said that Hannity is not very popular in the black community. We’ll help elucidate. With video.

Panelist Stephen A. Smith, an African American, told Hannity, “You know when I walk in the building, that I’m seen with you, it’s bad for me. You do understand…”

He was interrupted by one of the other panelists, Democrat Susan Estrich, who argued she had been seen with Hannity for 15 years, presumably, with no ill effect (we’d beg to differ, but I digress).

Smith continued, “Sean is not very well liked…”

“By who?” Hannity asked, his voice full of surprise.

“Particularly the black community, since you asked,” Smith said.

“Why?” Hannity asked, sounding even more surprised.

Smith replied, “Listen, anything that has to do with Barack Obama… You don’t even like the ties he wears. Just admit it.”

Hannity joked that he didn’t like the ties Smith wears, then defended himself by claiming he had “gave (Obama) credit for keeping Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, “adding the troops” to Afghanistan, even though “it took him forever,” and “he seems like a very caring and loving father” before adding, “He’s a socialist and he’s weakening our national defense.”

Hannity forgot to mention he has repeatedly suggested that Obama and his wife have some kind of racial chip on their shoulders.

Here are a few other reminders for Hannity about why the black community might not hold him in high regard:

In addition to giving white supremacist Hal Turner a sympathetic platform on the radio, Hannity has jumped to befriend nearly every white person who has come under the gun for racial insensitivity or bias: Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, Mel Gibson and Duane "Dog" Chapman all received a dose of Hannity's racial rehab.

On the other hand, Hannity has jumped to accuse African Americans of insensitivity and bias including, most notably, a seven year-old girl. Or Hannity has not objected as repeat guest Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has accused black people of hating whites. As I previously posted about a segment on Hannity & Colmes in August, 2008, Hannity attacked Barack Obama for “playing the race card” and yet offered no objection when Peterson commented that most blacks in Tennessee are racists. In fact, Hannity refused to allow his other guest time to rebut that outrageous assertion. Peterson has since returned as a guest on Hannity where he announced, "“I think we all agree that Barack Obama was elected by, mostly by black racists and white guilty people.”

Unfortunately, Smith either did not know just how dismal Hannity’s record is or just chose not to confront him over it. Perhaps the fact that Smith works at a sister company had something to do with it.

Hannity’s record on race rivals that of Glenn Beck except that Hannity has been slick enough not to say anything as overtly as Beck has. But the bias is just as unmistakable.

You can contact the show to remind Hannity why he's not so popular with African Americans at hannity@foxnews.com.