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Bill O’Reilly’s Double Standard

Reported by Priscilla - January 25, 2010 -

We know that Bill has a bit of problem with consistency. He constantly talks about how the moral degeneracy of godless gays and liberals is ruining this country – yet, he talked real dirty to his former producer and ended up paying big bucks to make the sexual harassment suit go away. And while Bill has called former 60’s radical Bill Ayers an “unrepentant terrorist,” Bill has never apologized for his sexual peccadillo which probably endears him to his manly men fans. But during a recent interview with Sarah Palin, he whined about how tough life can be for famous people because the little people (the ones whose loyalty provides you with a nice living not enjoyed by all Levittown residents) follow you everywhere and take your picture. Poor Bill said that the worst part of being famous is the “intrusion.” Well, boo, freaking, hoo, Bill. Intrusion is what your boy Jesse T Watters is famous for. One of Watters most famous stalkings was when he “followed, harassed, and ambushed" Think Progress' Amanda Terkel while she was on vacation. Poor Bill he can give it; but he can’t take it. Cry me a river.

H/T Think Progress