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Greg Gutfeld Attacks “CAIR” And Other Gun Bible Quote Critics – Doesn’t Mention General Petraeus Shares Their View

Reported by Priscilla - January 24, 2010 -

Add to the Fox’s Anti-Islamic “amen corner,” vis-à-vis the controversial bible codes on taxpayer funded military rifles used to kill Muslims, Greg Gutfeld of Fox’s late night “comedy” show. Until this little bigoted rant, by a Fox “comedian,” the bigotry was being spread by Fox & Friends, which, although not billed as such, is a also a comedy show run by three clowns. But in yet another example of how Fox spreads its bigotry by any means necessary, along comes the odious joker Gutfeld who added to the gospel of hate being preached on Fox News. Gutfeld’s routine was not funny. It was just another piece of bigoted propaganda which (surprise, surprise) didn’t tell the whole story - but only the parts which served to reinforce Gutfeld’s insensitive and very distorted message. Gutfeld's "comedy" was just so funny that I forgot to laugh!

On Friday night’s “Gregalogue,” Gutfeld said, in mock amazement, “so apparently a Michigan defense contractor has pissed of Muslims by inscribing coded biblical references on rifles…” He then launched into a heated attack against the Council for American Islamic Relations when he snarked that CAIR “claims that these messages send a negative message to the Muslim world.” (No shit, Sherlock!) While somebody laughed in the background, Gutfeld quoted his “emergency room doctor” in saying “here we go again.” He then claimed that “groups like CAIR are always reacting to perceived slights” (unlike Bill Donahue of the Catholic Leage and all the other Christian groups who get free air time on Fox?) “and hypothetical backlashes.” He reiterated Brian Kilmeade’s criticism of CAIR when he snarled that “they should be reacting to the atrocities committed in the name of Islam.” He then did a “robot theater” routine about what a CAIR meeting on this would be like. The “routine” showed a “CAIR person” who wasn’t thinking about Fort Hood and the Christmas attempt to blow up an airliner by a “Muslim radical” and continuous planning for world wide terrorist attacks - but whose “feelings were hurt” by the bible verses. It got even “funnier” when one of the characters said he found the blue avatars, in “Avatar,” sexually attractive. Gutfeld then attacked “Mikey Weinstein” who is president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, for saying that the sights “give our enemies a propaganda tool…” (Ya think!) Gutfeld said that Weinstein “has lost more marbles than a blind man playing kerplunk (?)” Gutfeld asserted that the bible verses will not lead to extremist violence and referenced the Fort Hood shooter who “connected the dots between religion and terror.” He then said that “even the most radical Christians – they don’t fly planes into buildings.” (No, they blow up a Federal Building and murder abortion providers). He wanted to “look at the bright side” with his comment that “our soldiers usually shoot terrorists well before they get close enough to see these bible references, anyway, so that alone should prevent hurt feelings.” He concluded by saying that “if you disagree with me you’re probably working for Media Matter.”

Comment: Gutfeld didn’t mention that the contractor for the rifle scopes has agreed to stop this practice. But even more significant, but very typical of Fox non news programs, he only smeared the right wing objects of scorn and derision – i.e. Islam, Muslims, the MRFF, and Media Matters. He didn’t quote General Petraeus who said “This is a serious concern to me and to the other commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan because it indeed conveys a perception that is absolutely contrary to what we have sought to do…“I can assure you that there is much greater sensitivity among our troops about this sort of thing than apparently there is from the contractor.” He didn’t mention that Britain and New Zealand also expressed their feelings that the bible citations were inappropriate. His “robot theater” misrepresented the truth in giving the impression that CAIR was behind the criticism. As noted in an earlier News Hounds thread, active and retired military also complained about this to the MRFF. In attacking Mikey Weinstein, he joins those like, Christian former Navy Chaplain, Gordon Klingenschmitt, who has called on his supporters to “launch imprecatory prayers” agains Weinstein whom he has referred to as a “bone head.” For those not in the radical Christian loop, “imprecatory prayers” are those which call upon God to “smite” your enemies (Christian "Fatwa"). But even more signifant is Gutfeld’s mocking of the both CAIR’s and Petraues’ concern that the bible verses could serve as propaganda which would, in turn, create more hostility toward the US among those people whose minds and hearts we are trying to win. Gutfeld dismisses the possibility that the hostility generated by this would generate more recruits to the terrorist side which could make the military’s job much harder – and, thus, create even more American casualties. I can understand why, as a good Fox employee, Gutfeld isn’t a fan of Islam – but why does he hate our troops?

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