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ACORN Still Smeared With “Voter Fraud” In Fox Article

Reported by Julie - January 24, 2010 -

Guest Blogged by Nayef

Yesterday I found this article on Fox website, which concluded with, “"ACORN faced allegations of voter fraud during the 2008 presidential election . . . .” The article was reporting on an ACORN employee, Katherine Conway-Russell's, lawsuit against the “pimp” and “prostitute” (Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe) in civil court for illegally filming her. If you read the article, the last line sticks out like a sore thumb. It's like an article about Coca-Cola's, say, quarterly earnings, concluding with, “And by the way, drinking too much Coke causes cavities.” Overkill, anyone? But then again, on Fox, it seems no article is complete without a subtle or not-so-subtle swipe at the left, at President Obama, or at ACORN. However, as reported by the Drudge Report in December 2009, “The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) did not commit voter fraud, and it didn't misuse federal funding in the last five years, according to a recently released report prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a nonpartisan investigational arm of Congress.”

And what's more, the article – purportedly “news,” not opinion (as though, on Fox, there's a difference!), has an accuracy problem concerning the “allegations of voter fraud” – something Fox has done repeatedly. As News Hounds has mentioned . . . and mentioned . . . and mentioned, the allegations were of voter registration fraud, not voter fraud, during the 2008 election. (In fact, a debate last spring between Megyn Kelly and ACORN's Scott Levenson on this very subject caused Kelly to have a little hissy fit tantrum meltdown.) The article also fails to mention that, while there have been individual instances of ACORN workers being charged and/or convicted of voter registration fraud, the charges have never been proven, at least with regard to ACORN.

As reported by Brad Friedman of the Huffington Post during the 2008 election, “the GOP's democracy-hating propagandists and election officials run to the media shouting, 'ACORN is committing voter fraud! They've turned in hundreds and thousands of fraudulent registration forms!' Of course they have. They have to by law. But what those GOP despots of democracy always forget to mention is that it was ACORN themselves who notified officials about the potentially fraudulent and/or incomplete forms in the first place!”

And what's more interesting is that, while reporting on any story that may make ACORN look bad – specifically, by misrepresenting the allegations – allegations of two instances of voter fraud against their doll, Ann Coulter, are never mentioned. You can read more about Coulter's alleged voter fraud, as reported by Ellen, here, here and here.

The Fox “report” is neither complete nor factually accurate. On the “We Report, You Decide” network, how can the audience “decide” anything when they hear “reports” that are riddled with crap?