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Fox News’ Slobbering Love Affair With Scott Brown Continues

Reported by Ellen - January 23, 2010 -

Where’s Bernie Goldberg when you need him? If Greta Van Susteren’s special on Scott Brown last night (1/22/10) wasn’t a slobbering love affair, then I don’t know what is. Van Susteren spent the full hour of On The Record supposedly “giving you the inside story” on Brown. Not surprisingly, it was all glowing. Reporter Griff Jenkins gushed over Brown as he interviewed him and gushed over Brown again talking it over with Van Susteren. With video.

In his interview, Jenkins asked Brown questions that sounded more like one Republican partisan chatting with another than a neutral reporter digging for facts:

“Senator Nelson of Nebraska, we’ve all heard about the ‘cornhusker kickback’ (to borrow a phrase from the GOP). Are you prepared to go to Washington and tell your now colleagues like Senator Nelson, ‘Hey! We’ve gotta knock that off?”

“When you hit Washington, you’re gonna hit the ground running. What are the first priorities?”

“Tell me about your family. On election night, take me behind the scenes.”

“What are you doing this afternoon?”

“When you get there (Washington), the health care bill. Dead on arrival?”

“You clearly understood the anger, the populist sentiment with regards to the things happening in Washington, in your own race. When did you really realize that would bring you a victory and what does that mean for 2010 with other races?”

After the interview, Jenkins gushed even more over Brown while talking with Van Susteren.

“We gotta start with where we are,” Van Susteren said, offering her appreciation for their “gracious host.”

“We’re at the Wakefield High School!” Jenkins exclaimed, as though he were visiting Elvis’ birthplace. “This is the court where Scott Brown was the co-captain of his basketball team and one of the earliest episodes, perhaps, of him being somewhat of a leader.” Jenkins went on to note that while Brown was very quiet, he was a “driven athlete.”

“And I imagine quite popular,” Van Susteren chimed in. She noted Brown’s “magazine cover” (I think she meant his nude centerfold) and added, “especially… perhaps, (with) the women.”

“We did try and track down his high school sweetheart but we weren’t able to do so,” Jenkins said. “However… his leadership on the basketball team as well as the track team are apparently attributes that he’s carried elsewhere in his life. A pretty soft-spoken, down-to-earth guy but very driven when it came to performance and excelling in some form or another. The coaches and the folks I’ve talked to around the school… told me that, for the most part, they weren’t surprised that he had gone on to bigger and better things.”

“When you went to see him today, was he trailed by a ton of media? Where’d you find him?” Van Susteren asked.

Jenkins said he found Brown in his office in Needham. “He pulled up in his pickup truck, by himself, no media in tow, got out in his barn jacket… He was gracious and gave me some time.”

“Did anyone say anything, people in the street, about (their opinion of Brown)?”

“Everyone we’ve talked to and we worked places where he grew up and where he lived, the people that know him, are very much in favor of him,” Jenkins said. “But… when we did some talking to folks in diners, there were a few folks that said, ‘Hey, don’t talk to me, I don’t want to talk about it. So… the guy doesn’t walk on water but he’s certainly popular in the parts that we visited.”

Brown may not walk on water but it’s a safe bet Fox News will continue to treat him as though he does.