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Trijicon to Remove Bible Codes From Gun Sights; Gretchen Carlson Calls Decision “Political Correctness”

Reported by Guest Blogger - January 22, 2010 -

Guest Blogged by dd

This morning the Fox and Friends Stooges reported the news that Trijicon has decided to stop placing biblical codes on their products. In spite of Trijicon’s statement that “our decision to offer to voluntarily remove these references is both prudent and appropriate” Gretchen Carlson blew it off by saying that "political correctness won again".

So I guess this means that Wretched Gretchen believes that Gen. Petraeus is simpy being politically correct when he said, "This is a serious concern to me and the other commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan". He also said that he found the manufacturer's practice "disturbing" and that "cultural and religious sensitivities are important considerations in the conduct of military operations". That's not being politically correct - that's being realistic. Ohhhh nooooooes! Could it be that the Wretched One believes that "Petraeus betrayed us” ? I'd really like to see Wretched accuse Petraeus of being "politically correct" right to his face.

Frankly, for Wretched Gretchen to toss this matter off as being done for merely "politically correct" reasons shows how little regard she has for the real issues that our military has to deal with.

Also, did F&F ever report to the folks that these biblical codes were brought to light by "active-duty and retired members of the military" ? I wonder how many of the uninformed F&F viewers are just assuming that it was some radical, left-wing, Christian-hating group who decided to make an issue of these codes?

As usual, the crew on the curvy couch just doesn't get it.