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Johnny Dollar Hearts Fox News . . . Awww, Is Fox Returning the Love?

Reported by Julie - January 22, 2010 -

I had just launched Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo last night (1/22/10) on foxnews.com, and was semi-listening to his worn-out tirade against the liberal media -- specifically, NBC and MSNBC. O'Reilly started talking about the Massachusetts election, and how superior Fox News' coverage was compared with CNN and MSNBC. Maybe chart-drawing has become mandatory on Fox since the advent of Glenn Beck, who knows, but O'Reilly had his own little graph on the screen, and he said, "Take a look at this graph, put up by Johnny Dollar on the net." Johnny Dollar, a blogger who's Fox News' staunchest defender and slayer of all detractors, must have had a giddy moment at the shoutout from Bill . . . but wait, aren't bloggers in BillO-land just goofies, "fascists," "dishonest?" Oh wait, never mind -- that's just liberal bloggers. With video.

I've been watching O'Reilly for a while now, and though I've heard him diss the Daily Kos and Media Matters, I've never seen him give Dollar a shoutout. Hey, we have graphs and charts on News Hounds too, maybe, sometimes. O'Reilly would probably throw some love our way, too, if we weren't all dishonest fascists.

But as for Dollar . . . O'Reilly failed to note where Dollar's little picture came from – whether it actually generated from a legitimate polling source or whether Dollar just doodled it on a napkin while dreamily watching O'Reilly's TPM and anxiously awaiting dreamy Sean Hannity. Guess it doesn't matter to ol' Bill – Dollar idolizes Fox News, he would never betray it, and, given that, facts and truth don't really matter (Jon Stewart, in fact, acknowledged Fox' shameless glee over Scott Brown's win). How nice that O'Reilly acknowledged Dollar's adulation by airing his little picture.



O'Reilly concluded, “Fox News is an honest enterprise, which gives both sides equal time.”

Well, ain't that something – Fox gives both sides equal time. Good to know -- the next time I run across a chart showing that Republican identification has fallen below the national drinking age, or one that shows that Fox viewers are the most misinformed people on the planet, I'll remind O'Reilly of that.


Update: Compliments of Priscilla . . . Dollar's little picture is spreading like wildfire through the right-wing blogosphere. Dollar REALLY owes O'Reilly a big wet kiss as a thank you -- O'Reilly rescued a blog that had about as much traffic as a country road in the middle of Iowa. It's so sweet, this O'Reilly-Dollar mutual admiration society . . . and just in time for Valentine's Day! (BTW, considering Dollar's site proudly features snarky attacks on News Hounds, does this lovefest serve a dual purpose? Just askin' . . . .