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Steve Doocy Blames Muslims For Christian Biblical Verses On US Army Weapons

Reported by Priscilla - January 21, 2010 -

Is this guy really an idiot, or does he play one on TeeVee?! One thing is for sure. He and his two pals follow are devout Christian who follow the right wing, Christian Fox "News" gospel that never misses an opportunity to smear Muslims. Why else would Fox & Friends be so interested in promoting the radical “Christian” side of the Rifqa Bary story? Despite an amicable family court decision between Bary and her parents, the good Christians at Fox & Friends, as I pointed out yesterday, are still trying to use the case to denigrate Islam. I also reported on Steve Doocy’s approval of biblical citations on rifles used by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan (Kill a Muslim for Jesus?). Today, he went even further on that topic with an “analysis” that shows just why he qualifies for MENSA – not!!!! Doocy specializes in inane commentary; although one questions if this shtick is just a clever way to spread propaganda to the Fox audience who are more receptive to simple messages (with lots of giggles) than nuanced discussion. But just when you thought that this former weather guy couldn’t get any more ridiculous, he defies all expectations!!!!


As I noted, this MENSA member (not!) doesn’t seem to grasp the notion that promoting religion on taxpayer funded armaments is legally problematic. He also doesn’t seem to realize that this kind of thing doesn’t endear us to those Muslims whom we are trying to protect and as such, could even energize the opposition, thus causing more US casualties. He seems to be totally oblivious to the problem of Christian proselytizing in the US military. (Or if he is aware of it, he probably thinks it’s great) But this morning he provided an opinion about this controversy which wouldn’t exactly earn him a seat on the Council for Foreign Relations.

Doocy started the discussion with a big smile as he said “apparently some Muslims are angry” about the bible codes. He then said his wife (“Mrs. Happy” - another wall of genius)) made a “good observation” when she said “Hey, wait a minute, the Taliban and the extremists -- what is it they say just before they blow themselves up which kills somebody, they say, 'Allahu Akbar.'' Doocy, obviously having pondered the deep wisdom of his wife’s comment, then brought it all home with this bit of sheer profundity – or is it stupidity: “So if anybody's making this a religious thing, they started it.” Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade agreed.

Comment: Putting aside the irrelevent “blame game,” (and we started the Iraq war) the reality is that this isn’t the first instance of evangelical Christianity inserting itself into a volatile military situation. Doesn’t Doocy know about former “Secretary of Defense Scripture-themed briefings to President Bush that paired war scenes with Bible verses.” Doesn’t he know that the Pentagon had egg on their face after Al Jazeera showed film clips of stacks of bibles, translated into local languages, at the Bagram military base in Afghanistan along with another clip of the chief of US Military in Afghanistan telling soldiers to “hunt people for Jesus.” Obviously, while very problematic, this is more benign than putting Christian bible verses on guns used to kill Muslims. And this isn’t the first time that the bible has been linked to the war in the Middle East. Retired General William “Jerry” Boykin and former deputy secretary of Defense for Intelligence was very vocal about how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a clash between “Judeo Christian values and Satan. Perhaps Doocy would get a chuckle about a special forces interpreter, an Iraqi from Texas, who was told to paint, in Arabic, “Jesus killed Mohammed” on the side of a Bradley fighting vehicle. I suspect that Doocy would have approved of Christian speakers, at an Air Force Academy assembly, who told the cadets that the only solution to the war on terror was to “kill Islam.” So as the bible says, only the sinless should be throwing stones. The bible citations are just one manifestation of a culture conflict that isn’t going to be solved by engaging in childlike “they started it” rhetoric. Although Fox & Friends does seem to be a kid’s show – but it’s Christian so it’s all good! And for those Muslims who get into Jesus' rifle sites - don't complain, you started it. Praise the Lord!