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Scott Brown Pimps His Daughters; Fox News Gives Him A Pass

Reported by Ellen - January 20, 2010 -

During his lengthy victory speech last night, aired in its entirety on Fox News, Scott Brown mortified his daughters by trying to marry them off from the podium. I can just imagine if a Democrat had done such a thing. But while Greta Van Susteren mentioned that his daughters would probably kill him when he got home, Fox’s chief political correspondent, Carl Cameron didn’t seem to notice. Instead, he gushed that “people say” Brown is the kind of politician “you want to have a beer with.” Maybe he’s interested. On Foxnews.com, they buried Brown’s unfortunate remarks in the middle of the article and explained them away by saying he was “visibly giddy” and “appeared a bit in shock.” UPDATE: Glenn Beck was creeped out by Brown's remarks. Think Progress has a clip from his radio show. He made milder but similar comments on his television show on Wednesday. With video.