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Glenn Beck Hate Mongering Of The Day: Progressives Have Become Dangerous To The Republic

Reported by Ellen - January 20, 2010 -

In the middle of Glenn Beck’s daily hate screed otherwise known as the Glenn Beck show yesterday (1/19/10), Beck, bragging about his prescience and insights over the past year (it was his one year anniversary on Fox), boasted that he had told his audience “that this time would come where (progressives) would become desperate. And they would do ANYTHING, and they would also, I believe, become dangerous to the republic.” Is Beck going to be calling for progressives to be rounded up as enemy combatants next? I would not put it past him. And yet, moments later, Beck was playing the role of unifier and calling for Americans to “pull together.” With video

At about 3:45 in the video below, Beck said, “Because of this program, we have been trying to focus on the progressive playbook for over the past year. And because of this program, a lot of us have learned an awful lot. I told you that this time would come, where they would become desperate. And they would do ANYTHING, and they would also, I believe, become dangerous to the republic. They would start with just insulting your intelligence and every last sensibility that you have. But, I also told you that if you just do the right thing… don’t pay attention to the party, do the common sense right thing and vote for the person and don’t let the name-calling distract you, we’d be able to get to the real problems.”

Then, without a bit of irony, the fear-monger-in-chief, whose stock-in-trade is hate mongering, who has lost 80 advertisers as a result of his racial remarks about President Barack Obama, actually held himself up as a unifying figure. “As Americans, we, as Americans, can solve any problem we face. Because Americans aren’t racist. We’re not hate mongers or homophobes and we’re not violent toward politicians. We’re Americans. And Americans do one thing great. They pull together and they solve problems… It is time for the adults of this country to step in and save the Republic.”

By the way, in the segment just preceding this one, “uniter,” “adult” Beck was mocking Barney Frank’s homosexuality again.