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Fox & Friends Smear Muslims By Asking If Rifqa Bary “Still In Danger”

Reported by Priscilla - January 20, 2010 -

Fox’s morning old time Bible hour, otherwise known as Fox & Friends, just loves the Rifqa Bary saga as it is an opportunity for them to support a persecuted Christian (and they are legion) while pushing an anti-Islamic agenda. Rifqa is the teen who, after converting from Islam to fundamentalist Christianity, ran away from home to a Christians in Florida whom she met on the internet. Her case is a cause celebre in the radical Christian, anti-Islamic right. However, an amicable court settlement has been agreed upon by Rifqa and her parents. But that doesn’t stop the good little Christians at Fox & Friends from continuing to smear her parents (and Islam) by asking the question and setting up an interview which made the point that Rifqa is “still in danger.” And for the second time on Fox & Friends, Rifqa Bary's "friend," Jamal Jivanjee, was able to lie and make unfounded allegations which impugned Muslims. And while this "friend" of Bary's was able to promote the "Christian" side of the issue, no information was provided, by the three amigos, to rebut him and to provide full background to the latest development in the case. It was great propaganda. Just when you thought that Fox & Friends couldn’t get any more partisan and any more offensive, they did. And to think, it's a show by Christians, for Christians. Go figure!

Good Christian Gretchen Carlson, showing lots of toned and tan thigh with just a hint of cleavage (Christian dads loving every minute of it) explained that an agreement was made, in Family Court, for Rifqa to remain a “dependant” of the state. She will remain in foster care until she turns 18 at which point she will be on her own. So far, so good. But then, former Miss American breathlessly asked “what does the future hold and could she still be in danger?” Good Christian Steve Doocy introduced “Rifqa’s friend,” Pastor Jamal Jivanjee who made his second solo propaganda appearance on Fox & Friends. Jivanjee is a Liberty University grad who is pastor of an internet based church, “Illuminate.” After reading one of his on-line sermons, Bary contacted him and they met to chat at an Ohio Starbuck. He is “relieved” and “thankful” about the court decision; but said that she is “not quite out of the woods just yet.” Jivanjee claimed that her conversion from Islam to Christianity “makes her a big threat” and “it sends a signal to others and there are many Rifqa Bary’s out there that are undergoing the same kind of abuse and it shows that you can be protected.” (Neither the Florida nor the Ohio Courts found any evidence of abuse). He added that it’s “great news for those who want to leave Islam to be followers of Jesus Christ.” The fear of Islam card was then played when Jivanjee said that “the threat level has increased” and that there have been “numerous threats” in the last few days which means that the state of Ohio has “the obligation to protect her, now.” He claimed that “they want to make an example of her.” (Who are “they?”) He continued with his apparently baseless accusations about “a lot of people who are unhappy” because this has brought a lot of shame on Islam.” (No, it’s brought a lot of shame of radical Christians who are manipulating this girl for the own anti-Islamic agenda). To Carlson’s question regarding the source of the threats, Jivanjee continued to be vague claiming that he was personally threatened. He claimed that those who sheltered her in Florida (“did a courageous thing”) received threats from “purported Muslims” who aren’t happy that people are “speaking out against what happens to Muslims when they accept Jesus Christ as their as their Lord and Savior.” (WTF??? There hasn’t been an American epidemic of convert killing by Muslims!) He said “that’s what happened to Rifqa Bary.” (Once again, there was no evidence that she was ever in danger.) While he spoke, the chyron read “Rifqa Bary’s Future, Is the Religious Runaway Still In Danger.” Jivanjee continued his unfounded allegations by accusing the state of Ohio of “harassing the people who protected her.” Jivanjee then brought home the propaganda bacon when he alleged that the local CAIR office has found out the name and location of Bary’s foster home. Jivanjee, who has no official court standing in the case, then said he wants Bary out of that foster home. Kilmeade thanked Jivanjee and said that he knew that it was a “great court victory for you and for Rifqa.”

Comment: Not noted by Fox & Friends was the statement from Bary’s lawyer “Bary and her parents love each other and will attempt to resolve their differences through counselling.” Not noted was the fact that Bary admitted that she was unruly in running away from home. But those details might have gotten in the way of Jivanjee’s propaganda. Once again, he was able to use his Fox & Friends platform to promote the radical Christian propaganda that Bary was in danger from radical Islam. Once again, he was able to smear the Council for American Islamic Relations. Once again, he made the unfounded claim that Bary had been abused. Once again he was able to do an anti-Islamic monologue filled with baseless accusation with just only one question asked. Once again, only the "Christian" anti-Islamic side was aired. No skepticism was shown about his accusation; but rather it was taken as gospel truth by those who follow a gospel of bigotry and untruths. Good thing Fox & Friends is “opinion;” because as “real journalism” it totally sucks!