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Fox News Promo A Blatant Pitch For GOP Senate Candidate

Reported by Ellen - January 19, 2010 -

As we have previously noted, Fox News has repeatedly reported on the Massachusetts senate race in ways that just happen to favor the GOP candidate. However, even I was surprised by the blatancy of a Fox News promo that was ostensibly for the Your World show but which announced that "A GOP victory in Massachusetts could save taxpayers nationwide." With video.

In the promo, the announcer states: “The bottom line in Massachusetts. How a GOP victory in the Bay State could save taxpayers nationwide. What the senate race really means for your money. Tonight, on your World.”

This is really an off-shoot of the “Cavuto Mark.” Maybe Jon Stewart can call it the “Cavuto Maybe.” Fox News is not coming right out and saying that a GOP victory “really means” taxpayers nationwide will save money. Oh, no, no, no. Fox is saying that it might mean that.

And if you still believe that Fox News isn’t biased, then I dare you to send us an example of a promo that suggests that Democratic win – and in any race – would be as good for the country. Meanwhile, I’ve got a bridge you might be interested in buying.

H/T Steve P