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Fox News Posts Video of Rush Limbaugh “Shoutout” – to Slam Democratic Senate Candidate Coakley

Reported by Julie - January 19, 2010 -

Now that Republican Scott Brown has won the race for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, I'm sure Fox is throwing a party. They sure did their part to promote him. But, in my mind, this is one of the worst examples yet of Fox News shilling for Brown and the right. A headline on Fox News video page tonight trumpets, “Shoutout from Rush.” (He's such a household name on Fox, no last names are even needed – kind of like Prince.) Limbaugh first gave credit to Fox Nation for providing him with the photos – the first indication that something may be rotten in Denmark, or whatever that saying is. He then told listeners, “You'll just have to trust me,” as he tried to zoom the camera in to focus on the picture. The topic? “Martha Coakley can't fill a gym and John Kerry can't fill a street.” With video.

“Via Fox Nation,” Rush ranted, “Martha Coakley held a rally at a middle school and could not fill the gym. It was three-quarters empty. They had to pull a curtain across the middle of the gym to give the appearance of a full room. Meanwhile, John Kerry held a rally for Martha Coakley this weekend in Worcester and could not fill the street. And this picture of the vacant street for the John Kerry rally is . . . [zooms picture] that is the John Kerry rally in the street with less than 150 people.”

Hmmm . . . given that Fox News has no scruples about inflating crowd size or outright lying by using fake footage when it wants to hype teabaggers, Republicans or Sarah Palin, I think it's fair to assume that Fox would have no scruples about deflating crowd size to make the left or Democrats look bad. In fact, as reported by News Hounds Alex, Carl Cameron recently did just that. So are we now to assume that this photo “via Fox Nation” was really taken at a Kerry rally, or was it really a Girl Scout cookie drive in front of a local bank?

Photos of Coakley's school rally, on the other hand, were curiously absent from Limbaugh's “shoutout” – as were any sources for the wealth of information Limbaugh shared about the empty school gym and the curtain. But an article in MetroWest Daily News on Coakley's rally at Fuller Middle School yesterday reported, “Sign-wielding supporters chanted Coakley's name outside the middle school late yesterday afternoon while awaiting her arrival . . . The 400 people who attended the rally heard from a cadre of Democrats . . . .” If this is the rally Limbaugh was referring to . . . well, not too many middle school gymnasiums hold 1,600 people – which would have to be the capacity if 400 people only filled it one-quarter full.

But if the Kerry rally photo was real, that's even worse. The fact that Fox News would post a video of Rush Limbaugh – hate-monger, left-wing hater, and Obama-basher – for the sole purpose of giving a “shoutout” in the form of a sneer at the Democratic Massachusetts senate candidate speaks volumes – in this case, the picture truly does paint a thousand words.