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Fox & Friends Guest Defends Bible Codes On Military Rifles – Steve Doocy Agrees!

Reported by Priscilla - January 19, 2010 -

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Fox & Friends, Fox’s Christian morning show, would do a segment on a controversy that is now making its way into the media. It seems that the rifles sights, used by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan, are inscribed with bible citations. The military denies that they knew about this, but there is some evidence that the information was readily available on You Tube and gun blogs. Not surprisingly, Fox & Friends did a report, this morning, about whether these numerical citations are a violation of the “separation of church and state.” Steve Doocy introduced their guest who is a “First Amendment Attorney.” I became quite curious because, in the past, Fox & Friends has been squarely against those evil, ACLU attorneys who do defend the First Amendment. Between doing a little googling and listening to the interview, it quickly became clear that not all First Amendment cases are created equal – especially if you’re a professional Christian.

Doocy summarized the situation and introduced Hiram Sasser, who was described as a military veteran and “First Amendment Attorney.” Doocy read some of the bible quotations that are identified, by letters and numbers, on the rifles. He asked Sasser how he felt about the inscriptions. My curiosity was piqued as the First Amendment does involve the “establishment clause” which is the basis for separation of church and state. I found it hard to believe that a Fox & Friends guest would invoke the establishment clause for anything. But my fears that Fox & Friends was going to the dark side was assuaged when Sasser said “if this is a private company want to include in a long series of serial numbers some sequence of the numbers and letters at the end, which have some kind of biblical reference, that’s their right to do that.” He feels that it would be “discrimination” to cancel their contracts because of this. Doocy then referenced the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s statement that this “violates the Constitution and Federal Laws regarding separation of church and state.” Doocy “made a face” after he read this. Sasser made the astonishing “leap of faith” when he said that if that were true the Declaration of Independence wouldn’t be displayed in the National Archives because it contains a reference to the Creator. (Uh, first of all, that’s a founding document which contains a reference to a Deistic “Creator” – not a bible verse on taxpayer funded rifles used to kill Muslims). Doocy nodded and chuckled as Sasser said this. Doocy agreed with Sasser that the company that manufactures the rifles is a private firm. (Yeah, so was the stone mason company that made the 10 Commandment monument that Alabama Judge Roy Moore commissioned and which was ordered out of the courthouse by a federal judge.) Doocy continued that they’ve been doing this for years and years (Yeah, just like public school prayer before the SCOTUS abolished it). Doocy asked Sasser about the Military’s excuse that “they didn’t know it was on there.” Sasser said “the big brass doesn’t know what the soldiers on the ground know” about serial numbers. (Really???) While Sasser spoke, the chyron read “Using a Higher Power, Bible Coded Weapons In Iraq and Afghanistan.” Sasser claimed that the company has a right to define how it does its serial numbers. He said that the scopes amplify light and all the verses talk about amplifying light. (Uh, their talking about divine light) and “this is no different from any play on words.” (Really????) He said that he wished that the rifles, which he carried when he was in the military, had these nifty sights.

Doocy brought home the bacon when he responded that “Besides, a lot of people have said that they find the passage, now that they know about it, comforting."

Comment: Not noted by Steve Doocy, this “First Amendment Lawyer” is also the Director of Litigation for Liberty Legal Institute. So we’re not talking ACLU but an uber Christian right wing group who are also defending sting “journalist” Hannah Giles and the Mojave Desert and Soledad Crosses which are on government land. Their attorney, Kelly Shackleford, has been a frequent guest on Fox & Friends with no rebuttal from those on the opposing side of the issue. He, like Sasser, was identified as merely a “lawyer” and not as a Chief Legal Counsel for Liberty.” There are some serious issues here especially the issue of Christian bible verses being inscribed on taxpayer funded guns. I guess Doocy would be fine with public school buses having cute, little, “secret” bible verse citations on the license plates or cleverly hidden citations in artwork in public buildings. (Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink). How about the fact that there are non Christians who are using these rifles?! And then there’s the issue of how this looks to the Muslims who live in the lands that we are occupying. Way to win minds and hearts in the Islamic world. It does seem to underscore Bush’s idea that the Iraq invasion was a “holy war” (or was it Jihad?!) But you didn’t hear any mention of that on Fox & Friends who are the ultimate media Christian soldiers.

Note - I've included a video (H/T TPM) in which the narrator gushes over the bible citations and tells non Christians to "get over it." Maybe he should work for Fox News?